Upcoming Jacket In Free Fire: Next Upcoming Item In Free Fire

Upcoming Jacket In Free Fire Next Upcoming Item In Free Fire
Garena is adding new items in the Free Fire every day. Today, we are here to share something unique item with you that we found on an international server. This item is a rare jacket skin, no other combination with it. So today, we will show you that skin and explain it in detail and tell you whether you should get it or not.

Details of Upcoming Jacket In Free Fire

Details of Upcoming Jacket In Free Fire

So the jacket skin is going to be pronounced something differently. Its name is ‘for my people. It’s such a unique name that Garena introduced, but I don’t know its reason. However, let’s get forward to view the item. 

It is a perfect hoodie and yellowish-white in colour. The colour combination is too perfectly done that it seems so organic. Two electric wave-like signs are given at the chest, and a smiling line is printed below it. Something is written on either sleeve, and it seems too awesome on the backward. So here is the full explanation of this upcoming new jacket skin in the free fire.

In which Event We Will See the Upcoming Jacket In Free Fire

In which Event We Will See the Upcoming Jacket In Free Fire

Store Section

So guys, when we visited the foreign server, we saw this jacket was directly present in the store, and we could purchase it for 500 diamonds. So similarly, in the Indian server, we could have this item in our store section, or it may be exchangeable by some tokens at any event.

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Review of the Upcoming jacket in Free Fire

This jacket is rare and having a rare item in a collection of free fire accounts is very important. Of 500 diamonds, it costs no more, it is perfect, but we have to see whether Garena introduces it on the Indian server for 500 diamonds or more.

What do you think about this latest upcoming jacket in the free fire? Let us know in the comments section. Also, stay tuned with us for every update and news related to free fire.


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