The OB32 Illuminate Update’s Patch Notes

The OB32 Illuminate Update's Patch Notes

The Free Fires OB32 update was released today, and it included modifications to the Bermuda map, a new weapon, and other character upgrades. The patch notes for the Illuminate update were published on Garena’s battle royale’s official blog.

Thanks to the Illuminate patch, Alpine is now accessible in Clash Squad and its ranked modes. Bermuda has also gained two new sections, so players can now locate Hangar and Nurek Dam on Free Fire’s oldest map. Finally, additional coverings were added to the Katulistiwa, Mars Electric, and Mill sectors in Bermuda to help players hide from opponents.

The OB32 Illuminate Update

Four characters received nerfs or buffs as part of the OB32 release. Skyler now has a hold-to-aim button to help him be more precise with his Riptide Rhythm skill. Olivia’s Healing Touch now has more extra HP for recovered teammates, making it easier for your team to get back into the game. Xayne’s weapon damage to Gloo Walls and shields will be boosted, and his cooldown and active time will be reduced. Maxim’s Gluttony was finally slowed down.

The Charge Buster is a new weapon that will be available in Free Fire with Illuminate. The shotgun’s energy will be charged if you hold the fire button down, resulting in a more powerful shot with increased damage and range. The OB32 update decreased the range of SMGs while expanding the range and damage of selected guns. The airdrops also received three advanced-attachment weapons: a Groza-X with 10% more damage and an M249-X with 5% more damage and a 12 per cent faster rate of fire.


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