Upcoming Gloo Wall Skin In Free Fire 2022 – Crazy Look Wall

Upcoming Gloo Wall Skin In Free Fire 2022 Crazy Look Wall

Hello dear friends, welcome back to our latest collection of upcoming in-game items in our game free fire max. As you know, Garena international keeps on bringing several skins for guns, bundles, and armory. However, many players especially wait for a unique item like Gloo wall skin. So today, we are going to introduce you to an upcoming Gloo wall skin on our Indian server. There are so many skins of Gloo wall, but this upcoming new Goo wall skin is lovely in terms of looks.

Upcoming Gloo Wall Skin In Free Fire 2022

Crazy Look Wall

Crazy Look Wall

So the name of this Gloo wall skin is Crazy Look Wall, and you might have guessed that it would be designed with some crazy looks, yet it looks simple. You can have a look at the image below.

The primary colour injected into the Gloo wall skin is red with mountainous black curves on either side. You would find the head of any villain character at the center, having plane white eyes and a blowing white electric wave-like structure from each side. There is a vampire purple design covering the face from the head to the chick. Half of the nose is coloured red, and the mouth also has a triangular red color pattern. The character is wearing earrings. 

Which event will have the Crazy Look Wall?

Which event will have the Crazy Look Wall

Top-up event

We found it in a top-up event in a foreign free fire max server and was costing 500 diamonds top-up. So we wish for a similar condition in our Indian server.

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Review of the Upcoming Crazy Look Wall Skin in Free Fire

So, guys, I would rate it four stars upon five because the work is done excellent while designing the Gloo wall, but it is not actually looking attractive, nor does it have any dark colour that would equalize its look. But it is worth it if it comes upon a diamond top-up of 300 diamonds.

So guys, hopefully, you liked our today’s cover on new in-game updates. We keep bringing these items before its launch and every update about free fire max. So be attached with us for every single update and news of Free Fire Max.


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