5 Useless Characters In Free Fire Max (February 2023)

5 Useless Characters In Free Fire Max (February 2023)

Hello friends, welcome to today’s post. This post is going to be extremely interesting because we are not going to share any tricks or news or update. Instead, we are going to share some best and most useful information. We would share some major issues about characters that you need to avoid regarding your gameplay. Find out more details so that you could enjoy the game with all your potential and strategic planning.

This is an article that is all about 5 Useless Characters In Free Fire Max (February 2023). This topic is extremely strange for all of us but should not we can be aware of such characters and their abilities that can imbalance your gameplay and disprove your strategic planning. Just find out all the other details below and you should coordinate it so that you can avoid making choices over the usage of such characters and their skills.

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5 Useless Characters In Free Fire Max (February 2023)

5 Useless Characters In Free Fire Max (February 2023)

  1. Wolfrahh – Limelight

5 Useless Characters In Free Fire Max (February 2023)

Wolfram is a character that is present in the game since 2017. An old character does not bring you any such benefit that could help you in gaining any additional benefits.

Wolfrahh’s skill promise that you can decrease a maximum of 20% damage from headshot upon you and increase 20% the maximum damage over headshot to enemies. The condition here is that these powers can be used when someone is spectating you which is next to impossible instead of last moments.

  1. Chrono – Time Turner

5 Useless Characters In Free Fire Max (February 2023)

Chrono has the active skill of deploying of shield for just 4 seconds and blocks 800 damage and the same can be reused after 160 seconds which is completely useless, hence avoid using Chrono.

  1. KLA

This character is useless until you land over any surface where enemies can’t hit you. The factory challenges can be done with KLA else avoid using KLA in battle royale mode instead have any other useful character.

  1. Misha – Afterburner

A passive ability that promises to reduce 5% damage on vehicles and additionally increase vehicle speed by 2% which is completely worse. You have to first find a vehicle to do so, moreover, you can’t escape if your vehicle gets destroyed.

  1. Notora – Racer’s blessing

Notora contains a passive skill where you and your teammates can gain 5 HP every 4.5 seconds which does not have any use because a vehicle has more attraction for enemies. Moreover, jeeps can carry 4 passengers but it’s the riskiest vehicle. Hence stay away from this character too.

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So friends, here is a post that is of a lot of use to you all. Hopefully, you would have loved it. Make sure to share it with your friends and don’t let them make strategies including these characters. Also, stay tuned for more information and updates related to free fire and free fire max.


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