Upcoming Bundle In Free Fire: The Tiebreaker Surge bundle

Upcoming Bundle In Free Fire 2022 Latest

Welcome back, guys. As in our older post, we shared a bundle that is going to appear on our Indian server after the OB34 Update. The bundle is going to be premium. Garena usually introduces some premium bundles, and one of most premium bundles is on the icon of the free fire game. So we may name them a legendary bundle. But in this post, we will not show you the legendary bundle but a premium bundle that you might like. So for that, read this article thoroughly. We will firstly overview it and then share our opinion on whether to buy it or not.

Overview of the Upcoming Bundle In Free Fire

Overview of the Upcoming Bundle In Free Fire

The Tiebreaker Surge Bundle

So, guys, this bundle applies to the male character of free fire. Keep this point in mind. The bundle is based on the colour composition of blue, yellow, white, and black. The hairstyle is something unique this time. It is coloured with white at the coarse and sky blue and dark blue at the front. The bundle is wearing a detective-type coat that is elongated to the knees. And the sleeves on either hand are half up to the elbows and are spread.

The bundle has white coloured pants and black colour shoes that are long and starting from the knees. Hence, this was explainable in this bundle. For more details, you can see the pictures.

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Which Event Will have this Upcoming Bundle in Free Fire

Web Event: We found it in a web event, so there are higher chances that we can also see this new Free fire bundle in a web event, and if we do not, then most probably the bundle would appear in the luck royale section.

Review of The Upcoming Bundle In Free Fire

This upcoming free fire bundle is excellent and has quite a well-designed animation. The bundle is worth 800-1000 diamonds. So you can take it out in this range.

What do you think about this new bundle in Free Fire? Stay tuned with us for similar types of updates and news related to Free fire.


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