Upcoming Bundle In Free Fire Max – The Brokebone Deputy

Upcoming Bundle In Free Fire Max The Brokebone Deputy

Hello friends, welcome back to our fresh new post. In our collection today, we will share an upcoming bundle with you. Guys, you all know that Garena introduces many items to its servers at a particular interval of time. These events do not occur simultaneously, but some get earlier and some later. So we visit all the worldwide servers of free fire max for the collection of all those items, and after that, we present before you so you may be prepared to take out that particular item or not.

Today, we will show you a female bundle, and we will also share our opinion on whether to buy it or not. So let’s start.

Upcoming Bundle In Free Fire Max


The Brokebone Deputy

The Brokebone Deputy Free Fire Bundle

The very first thing is that this is a female bundle; thus, remember it will be applicable to the only female character in free fire max. So be aware that you can apply this bundle to the only female character.

The bundle is a full suite of a cowboy. The whole dress is denim. The cap, jeans, shoes, shirt, everything is denim. The bundle has no animation, and the colour combination includes red, yellow, grey, and blue. For more details, please see the pictures of this bundle.

Which Event Will have Upcoming Bundle In Free Fire Max: The Brokebone Deputy

Which Event Will have Upcoming Bundle In Free Fire Max The Brokebone Deputy

These types of bundles are seen in exchange for the magic cube. This is exchangeable to magic cube in other servers so we could expect the same in the Indian free fire max server. So we will have this bundle in the magic cube redemption section.

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Review of the Upcoming The Brokebone Deputy Bundle In Free Fire Max

Guys, it’s not worth one magic cube. Instead, you can use any free female bundle, and it’s better than the brokebone deputy bundle.

I hope you guys found something new today. Stay tuned with us so you may get updates for every upcoming item and event in the Free Fire Max.



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