Upcoming Backpack Skin In Free Fire Max: Mythos Four (Most Attractive Bag Skin Ever)

Upcoming Backpack Skin In Free Fire Max Mythos Four

Hello guys, welcome to our new post. We keep you updated with every news of free fire max. And not only information but also about every in-game item. So today also, we have collected some data and found an upcoming top-up event, which has a backpack skin as a reward. The top-up event is one of the most famous events in the free fire max. So in this article, we will share the detailed review of this latest upcoming backpack skin that is going to appear on our Indian server as a top-up event, so read this post till last to find out the forthcoming item and see its pics.

Latest Upcoming Backpack Skin In Free Fire Max: Mythos Four

Overview of Backpack skin

Overview of Backpack skin

The name of this latest upcoming backpack skin is Mythos Four. It is a legendary skin that has animation. We will describe you further. First of all, the skin is based on Mythos, having a wukong like face in its faceward. It is wearing a crown-type jewel that is flat on its face and coloured cyan upon which there is a figure of a dragon. Below the backpack, a cloth piece is hanging. It has animations that look like neon lights that are 3 in numbers on either side. And finally, it has two vibrant yellowish golden wings that are shining and have animation. Moreover, you can see the pics. Rest all the specifications are described.

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Review of the Backpack skin: Mythos four backpack

Review of the Backpack skin Mythos four backpack

Personally, it is one of the best class backpack skin. It has everything towards positive ratings. It is well designed and has satisfying animation. Also, the wings look too attractive. So it is worth it for me if this backpack skin appears in the top-up event up to 500 diamonds else worth up to 600 diamonds.

Which event will have Mythos Four Backpack?

Top-up event: On other servers, we found this latest backpack skin in the moco store, but there is a lower chance to appear this skin in the moco store because you may already know the condition of the Indian server. So there are higher chances to appear this backpack skin in the top up event.

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What do you think about this latest upcoming backpack skin? Let us know in the comments. Also, stay tuned with us for more free fire max updates. 


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