Upcoming Backpack Skin In Free Fire Max: Big Bucks Backpack

Upcoming Backpack Skin In Free Fire Max Big Bucks Backpack

So hello guys, how are you? I hope you are fine. Welcome to our new post. We are here to show you a new and unique backpack skin that is going to appear in our Indian server of the game free fire max. Almost there are daily updates in our game that bring out a new item every time it launches, via various events such as luck royale, spin, discount store, moco store, top-up event, etc. Users can find the newer items and take them out by using diamonds. So today also, we will Overview the new backpack skin and the name of the event where the user may be able to find this new skin.

Overview of the Upcoming Backpack Skin In Free Fire

Big Bucks Backpack

Big Bucks Backpack

So, the name of the newly launched backpack skin is Big bucks backpack. Usually, buck means American dollar, and the designers have used its meaning in that sense. So, simply, the backpack is themed on money. So what does it looks like? Well, the backpack will be unique, and the reason behind this is that the backpack skin has an animation.

The whole backpack is a cat. Yes, the bag is a cat that is showing its money. At the first level, a small cat holds a single golden coin. At the second level, the cat had gone more fat, and this time the cat had a bag full of money or cash that was locked by a chain and lock. At level 3, the cat gets more fat, the bag’s chain opens, and the golden coins fall from the bag. The cat is enjoying this moment and thus presented by an animation. The cat gets a dollar design into its eyes. Therefore the whole backpack skin is based on dollars and money.

Which event will have the Big bucks backpack skin in Free Fire?

Which event will have the Big bucks backpack skin in Free Fire

Top-up event or Luck royale section

Well, we gather information from the foreign server, and there we found it in a top-up section. So in our Indian server, either we may see this item in a top-up event or any luck royale section.

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Review of the upcoming backpack skin in free fire – Big bucks backpack

So guys, personally, I liked the backpack, and I will get it out at any cost, but not more than 1000 diamonds. If it appears in a top-up amount of 500 diamonds, then also it is worth it. So you may go forward with this because such items are simply rare, and collecting rare items is a primary demand for every player.

So, guys, we are ending up here. Stay tuned with us for the latest news related to Free Fire and Free Fire Max.


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