Top 5 Rarest Items of Free Fire Game

Top 5 Rarest Items of Free Fire Game

Guy’s do you know about the top 5 rarest items of the free fire game? If not, then here is the list of 5 rare items of free fire that only 00.1% of players have in their collection. So have a look at them, and comment below, which item you own and which rare thing you want again in the free fire game.

5 Rarest Items of Free Fire Game


5) Gloo Wall – FFWC

Gloo Wall - FFWC

The FFWC Gloo Wall is the minor Gloo wall skin in the free fire. This Gloo wall skin is small compared to other Gloo wall skins. This Gloo wall skin was launched in a free fire world Cup event.

In 2020, Garena again launched this skin in a special airdrop offer. At that time, many players obtained this skin from the special airdrop offer. Now, only limited players have this Gloo wall skin, and now this skin has become one of the game’s rarest items.

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4) Cricket Master Bat Skin

Cricket Master Bat Skin

Cricket Master Bat skin is also a rare item in the free fire. This unique bat skin was introduced in a top-up event, in which players were can unlock it by one diamond top-up only.

Cricket Master Bat skin looks are attractive, and this bat skin also comes with the show-in lobby option. It means players can use this skin in the waiting area of the free fire game.

3) Ground Punch Emote

Ground Punch Emote

There are many emotes in the free fire game. However, the Ground Punch Emote is one of the rarest emotes of free fire. This legendary emote comes with 3D animation and a ground punch effect. In addition, this emote also displays a cobra animation when the player uses it.

This emote was introduced in the Cobra Top Up II event, along with Cobra-themed backpack skin and Sports Car skin. Only 00.2% of players have this rare emote in the free fire.

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4) Royal Flush Backpack

Royal Flush Backpack

Royal Flush Backpack is the most beautiful and rarest backpack skin in the free fire game. This Backpack skin was introduced at the dream club event in July 2020. This event was similar to the diamond royale event.

The looks of this backpack skin are unique compared to all other backpack skins available in the game. Now, only 00.2% of players have this backpack skin in the free fire game, and many players are requesting the free fire team to bring this backpack skin again in the game.

5) Raining Cash Surfboard

Raining Cash Surfboard

Raining Cash Surfboard is one of the rarest surfboard skins in the free fire game. This skin was introduced in the Free Fire X Money Heist event in September 2020. This surfboard’s raining money effect makes it the most beautiful surfboard skin of the game. Unfortunately, only 00.1% percent of players have this surfboard skin in their collection.

What do you think about these five rare things of Garena free fire? Let us know in the comment section.



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