New Event In Free Fire: Fist Royale

New Event In Free Fire: Fist Royale

Players, if we ask you how many of you have a fist skin on your ID, it is evident that most people will answer that there is no one on your ID. This is because the Fist skin is not considered normal in the Free Fire game and is introduced into the game at specific periods as premium events.

Such periods are valuable because the player has only a few days to get such skins. If you are among those, then welcome to this article because, in this article, we will tell you about the New Event In Free Fire: Fist Royale, which offers you two fist skins.

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New Event In Free Fire: Fist Royale

New Event In Free Fire: Fist Royale

So, Fist Royale is an event introduced in the Luck Royale Section, and by engaging in this event, players can get themselves not one but two brand-new skins of different fists. You all must remember that the last Fist skin was introduced in our game about two months ago, so once again, the developers of Free Fire have submitted an event in which players have a chance to achieve their Fist skins.

The Fist Royale Event was launched in the Indian server of the Free Fire game on 24th February 2024 and will remain in the game for 14 days; after 8th March 2024, this event will be eliminated; hence, players are requested to follow the list given below and by analyzing this, you can know the complete guide to engage in this event in our next article, so do not forget to read our next article too.

List Of Rewards In The New Event In Free Fire: Fist Royal

New Event In Free Fire: Fist Royale
  • Frozen Flame Fist Skin
  • Flaming Fist Skin
  • Officer Hoodie
  • Costumes
  • Gun Crates
  • Parachute Skins
  • Lootbox Skins
  • Backpack Skins

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In this article, we have looked at the latest update of the Free Fire game and talked about the Fist Royale Event. By reading our next article, players will be able to know which steps are required to follow to be able to get Fist Skin for fewer diamonds.


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