Latest Upcoming Bundle In Free Fire: Burger Lad Bundle

Latest Upcoming Bundle In Free Fire Burger Lad Bundle

So guys, welcome to our latest article. Today we have brought up an update about an upcoming bundle in Free Fire. There are so many onboarding items that will release this month in our Free Fire, and for any information, you can visit our site and see every upcoming item and news. The latest upcoming burger lad bundle is now available on a foreign server in the Moco store event. Rest other information is given below.

Latest Burger Lad Bundle Free Fire

Overview of Burger Lad Bundle

Overview of Burger Lad Bundle

Many of you might have guessed that the bundle is based upon the theme of a burger, and it is possibly correct. The very first noticeable thing is that this bundle has a cooked burger in its topmost equipment that is headwear. Yes, definitely the cap. When equipped seems like a cooked burger. You can see it in the pics. Below this burger, hair is at the place, and this bundle has eyewear also that concludes a yellowish glass rounded by a pink frame. The top wear of this bundle is designed upon a simple burger that contains a print of tomatoes, and at the shoulders, the left one is decorated with a bottle of sauces.

Further, this bundle has a pair of gloves that is red in colour, and below the bundle has a black trouser, and at the knees point, there are French fries like design. So now we have entirely explained this upcoming bundle, and now let’s discuss its review and where you will get it.

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Review – Burger Lad Bundle

Review Burger Lad Bundle

The bundle is worth buying if permanently covered within 900 diamonds because first time ever, the community will see such type of bundle. The bundle is wholly based upon burgers, and especially the most attractive items in this bundle are its headwear and its goggles. It’s our provision. We do not wish anybody forced to purchase. You can decide to buy or not to buy on your own. Mainly, we love this latest bundle most.

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Which Event Will Have Burger Lad Bundle?

Moco store: As mentioned earlier, this bundle has been noticed in the moco store, so we may probably wish that we could see this bundle in our Indian server either in the moco store or any luck royale event.

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So we hope you liked our way of explaining and presentation on this new upcoming Burger Lad Bundle. Be with us for the latest free fire and free fire max news.


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