Top 5 Free Fire MAX Landing Spots For Rank Push


Hello readers, welcome to this post. We hope everyone visiting this post, should be concerned about the best and safe landing spots in the free fire. Although there are various spots, all of them have separate usage as per the player’s choice. We hope you would be tired of getting hunted by enemy posts and landing in several spots that do not meet your knowledge. Be wise and follow the instructions that we have gathered from the experts in our community. Just read the post till last and enjoy it.

How to declare the best landing spot in the free fire?


The landing spot in the game free fire could be determined via the need for strategic planning. There are various needs of different players. Many players want to survive by defending and those landing spots could be different. Many players like attacking and rush gameplay, for them, the landing spot could be different. But some want to increase their rank, no matter whether they defend or attack, so for them, some places are suitable that are extremely favorable for pushing rank.

And you must be among them, who want the same, to push up your rank. Hence, here’s an article that is very your query, and you will be explained the most appropriate suggestions from our experts.

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Top 5 Free Fire MAX landing spots for rank push

1. Shipyard

A shipyard could be the best place for those players who want to survive the combat at an intermediate position. This place has a wide range along with many places where you could hide. Also, you can get nice loot on Shipyard, hence you could consider it one o the best place to push rank.

2. Rim Nam Village

A place that is settled at one corner of the map, could be a wise choice if any player wants to have the best loot peacefully. Here you could have the best loot along with vending machine products. After landing here, you could easily collect weapons without struggling much. Afterward, you could move forward through the clock tower.

3. Kota Tua

Kota Tua is the smallest or short-range spot where players can land, collect basic weapons, and hide for a long period. It is so because Kota Tua is situated a mile ahead of the center of the map.

4. Riverside

Although many players land here, they focus to have loot, you could easily land here and rush to the hill beside Mills, to protect yourself from enemies, hence riverside could also be a good choice to land to push your rank.

5. Mars electric

A highly chosen place to push rank, Mars Electric is one of the best spots because a wide variety of loot could be discovered here post which you could rush to the ocean line. This may protect you from enemy sight and peacefully you could push up your rank.

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So friends here is an article all about the Top 5 Free Fire MAX landing spots for the rank push. We hope you found this article helpful, if yes, please stay connected with us and keep waiting for our upcoming posts related to free fire and free fire max.



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