How To Get Unlimited Bounty Token Loadout In Free Fire?

How To Get Unlimited Bounty Token Loadout In Free Fire

Friends, certain factors let us enjoy the game with full interest. All thanks to the developers of free fire to develop such type of game. All the factors that lie behind our gaming environment and experience are quite harder than we can imagine. So the gaming experience is totally fine and we are enjoying its various customization.

In our game free fire, there are various modes, one of which is BR ranked and it is the most played and most popular mode. The grand rank is obtained post playing the same mode and accordingly the score for your level is calculated. Hence, it matters how much you play BR ranked mode in free fire.

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So players always think to have some special intended item so that the chances of winning the match get boosted more than others. To do so, we have several options and among all those options, the load-outs in free fire are the most concerning and convenient material to be used in the game. The loadouts result in providing more excessive features than the normal gameplay. So today’s post is all about load-outs and let’s begin without wasting time.

What are loadouts in free fire?


Loadouts in free fire is a set of 8 items that are used as a booster under the game. A player can carry one loadout at a time which enables him/her to use a special ability. There are 8 items in loadout among which the most popular loadout is Bounty Token.

What is Bounty Token in free fire?

It’s a basic loadout in free fire that can be carried in BR and CS modes. But the real and effective use of a Bounty token can be observed under BR mode because it provides you an opportunity to get most High rated weapons and related items after your first kill. This kill can be made with or without a weapon, so it’s damn useful. Now the question arises here How to get unlimited bounty token loadout in free fire? This is so because the Bounty Tokens are limited in number and players can obtain them via certain activities.

But in the post today, we would state a solution about How to get unlimited bounty token loadout in free fire?

How to get unlimited bounty token loadout in free fire?

  • Login to the game
  • Skip all the banners
  • Now go to Vault
  • No going to others

  • Now go to FF token and click on exchange
  • You will reach to exchange corner in free fire
  • Now scroll to the bottom
  • You will find a block where you can exchange 15 FF tokens for a 7-day unlimited Bounty Token card. Purchase as many as you want but the number is limited to 10.

  • But don’t worry, till then, next season would emerge and hence, you can activate it and use it limitlessly.

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So friends here was How to get unlimited bounty token loadout in free fire? We hope you did understand and everything is clear to you. Please stay tuned for more updates and posts about free fire and free fire max.



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