How To Complete Divine Worrier Event In Free Fire Max?

How To Complete Divine Worrier Event In Free Fire Max?

The Free Fire OB42 Update has been launched on our server which you can also download and it is absolutely live. With this update, you will get to see many new things in the game which have been newly launched and you will also get to see many big changes, the complete details of which we have already given through our multiple posts.

Because in our country the grand festival of Hindus, Diwali is coming closer and we have shared many details in correspondence with Free Fire and the Grand Festival Diwali, we can assume that we will get to see a lot of free rewards during the fest. One of these rewards is such a thing for which every player waits if he cannot afford diamonds. You might be the one, so through this article, we will tell you the ways to get the same reward absolutely for free. We shall also give complete information about the same.

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New Event In Free Fire Max: The Divine Worrier

How To Complete Divine Worrier Event In Free Fire Max?

A new web event has come in our game Free Fire which we can also call an activity event because in this event you will not have to spend a single diamond. The name of this event is Divine Warrior Event and through this event, you will be able to get free rewards by completing some tasks. In this event you are getting to see a grand prize which is a bundle and the name of this bundle is The Divine Warrior Bundle. Below we have given you the complete steps to obtain this bundle for free of cost.

How To Get The Divine Worrier Bundle In Free Fire?

How To Complete Divine Worrier Event In Free Fire Max?

  • Firstly you have to log in the game
  • Now you have to go to the events section
  • From there, you will see a tab for Diwali, you have to tap on the same tab
  • Under this tab, a block would be available namely Divine Worrier, just click on the same block
  • You will now reach to a web event page
  • From here, you have to play a board game
  • You have to move your character through various boxes using tokens and reach to the Boss
  • These tokens can be obtained after completing daily tasks, for which an option is given on the same page on the left-hand side
  • You have to click on it and several tasks will be there, you have to complete the tasks and after completion, you have come back to the same page to collect the tokens
  • After collecting tokens, you can use them to play the board game and when you reach to the Boss in the board game, The Divine Worrier Bundle will be yours permanently

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This was the easiest article you will find to date which will guide you about How To Complete the Divine Worrier Event In Free Fire Max and help you to claim the Diwali Exclusive Bundle. We hope that the post will be helpful to you, if so, please share it with your friends and keep us posted for more useful content about the games Free Fire & Free Fire Max.


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