How To Get The Guild Flag Emote In Free Fire Max?

How To Get The Guild Flag Emote In Free Fire Max?

After the Launch of Free Fire Max OB42 Update, the guild has been permanently upgraded, after which changes have been made in the appearance of the guild and every setting of the guild. We know this as the name Guild 2.0 and under this, we are also getting a chance to experience many different things.

You must have noticed many times that whenever you are in the lobby of the Airplane, right before the game, there would must be several people in front of you who would be showing the Guild Flag Emote (original name – Ruler’s Flag Emote), which is different from the normal flag remote which also has a guild icon. You must be wondering when such an item came into our game and how can we get it. So you do not need to worry because we have brought all these details for you through today’s article, so read it till the end.

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What Is The Guild Flag Emote (Ruler’s Flag Emote) In Free Fire Max?

How To Get The Guild Flag Emote In Free Fire Max?

The Guild Flag Emote or The Ruler’s Flag Emote is a new arrival in the game Free Fire & Free Fire Max that is available to obtain only for a guild member or owner.

First of all, we want to tell you that you can get the guild flag only and only when you join a guild and there must be at least 30 players in that guild. This system has been implemented since the launch of Guild 2.0 and for this, you will have to collect guild tokens by completing activities in the Weekly Tournament. If you are not sure that you are able to understand anything, then for this you can apply by following our step-by-step guide so that you can understand everything and you can also get very close to the Guild Flag Emote.

How to Get Guild Flag Emote In Free Fire Max?

How To Get The Guild Flag Emote In Free Fire Max?

• First of all you have to log in to the game

• Now you have to tap on the Guild Icon

• Now you have to tap on a section named Activity Rewards

• In this section you will be seeing a progress bar with maximum capacity 1500

• As it progresses, you will be able to collect Guild Tokens through multiple daily based activities

• To get the Guild Flag Emote, you must meet two criteria

• The first criteria is that the level of your guild should be at least 6, that is, your guild level must be six, which is mandatory

• The second criteria you have to fulfil is that you must have 600 guild tokens

• After completing both these criteria, tap on the Exchange button below the Rewards overview in the same section

• Now an exchange zone will open in front of you where you can exchange lots of rewards through your Guild Tokens

• As we have told, you must have 600 tokens to achieve the Guild Flag Emote, so you can find this flag by scrolling to the bottom of this section and tap on exchange

• And in this way, you have also succeeded in obtaining the Guild Flag Emote (Ruler’s Flag Emote)

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So through this article, we have told you the solution to one of your big problem. If you have got even a little help through this article, then share it with a friend and stay connected with us to get such useful articles regarding Free Fire & Free Fire Max.


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