How To Get Incubator Royale Vouchers Without Diamonds?

How To Get Incubator Royale Vouchers Without Diamonds

So friends, welcome to our latest post. In this post, we are again going to guide you through some major steps that may lead you to some mistakes or loss of money. Make sure to read this article till last so that you could avoid every mistake to overcome a successful procedure. So without wasting further time, let’s get started.

Friends, you must be aware that our recent posts are focused on subscriptions and purchases under free fire where we instruct you to move your step correctly and neglect every mistake. We also provide you with some additional information that helps you get knowledgeable about that current process. So now let’s begin.

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How To Get Incubator Royale Vouchers Without Diamonds?

Guys, you must be knowing about Incubators in the free fire. It’s a luck royale program and users can make spins to avail of various premium items. This royale needs either diamonds or vouchers to be able to spin. So those who have lesser diamonds or finding some way other than diamond purchase, then we are having an accurate solution for those.

After the OB37 update in free fire, the developers mentioned certain plans that lie under subscription, and for that subscription, you are not required to pay diamonds. Instead, you can buy it directly via Google Play balance or with bank money. So how to do that and what are the advantages of subscribing to this plan? Let’s found out below.

How To Get Incubator Royale Vouchers Without Diamonds?

  • Login to the game
  • Click on the diamond icon
  • Now come under the subscription section
  • Now click on the 6th block where it would be mentioned for incubator royale vouchers ₹140/week
  • It means you will be charged every week ₹140
  • Now click on subscribe and proceed to make a payment of ₹140
  • Now you are successfully activated with this plan where you will get 10 Incubator Royale Vouchers via logging in for 7 days in a row
  • Features of this subscription plan
  • For the first time, you will get 100 diamonds as a newbie subscriber
  • You will get 10 Incubator Royale Vouchers within 7 days
  • You can get it every week and there is no limit.

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