How to get free face paint skin Free Fire Max?

How to get free face paint skin Free Fire Max

Hey friends warm welcome to our new post regarding the game free fire and Free Fire Max. In this article, we are going to present you with some details and information about the latest activity event that is related to a free reward that has already been set for you. You need to read this article last so that you can have all the related details perfectly and without any errors. So let us begin today’s post that is all about how to get free face paint in Free Fire Max.

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New activity event in Free Fire Max

How to get free face paint skin Free Fire Max

So friends as you know numerous activity events get launched one or the other day in free fire and Free Fire Max. similarly this time also an activity event has been launched that is providing multiple rewards to the players. Even you can claim these rewards but for that, you need to have some perfect data about it that we are going to present through this article as well as we are going to share the instructions related to today’s topic that is hard to get free face paint skin in Free Fire Max.

This new activity event has launched in the game free fire on 20th June 2023. The same will remain under the Indian server for 43 days which means the activity event is going to be held up for 3 days and after 24th June 2023 players will not be able to find the activity mission in the game so be early to complete this activity face paint mission and claim the rewards. Below is how to get free face paint skin in free fire Max.

How to get free face paint skin Free Fire Max?

How to get free face paint skin Free Fire Max

  • First of all, you have to make a login into your game
  • After that you need to go to the events section and then to the State wars
  • Now here you will see a tab that would be named india face paint, Click over the same
  • Now here is the list of tasks that you need to complete for the free face paint skin or you may do the same as stated below
  • First of all you need to deal 2000 damage in any mode to get free pet food
  • You need to deal 10,000 damage in anymore to get a 1X gold royal voucher
  • You need to deal 20,000 damage in anymore to finally get 3 weapon royal vouchers or India face paint skin for free
  • Now you are done and come back to the same section to play your rewards

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So friends this is today’s new post in which we have said an article about the latest event in the game that is an activity event by the method by which you can get free rewards and for the same we have stated the instructions at the last part of our article. Hopefully, this article would be helpful to you if so Denmark share it with your friends and also stay tuned for our upcoming posts.


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