Shoreline Pharaoh – The Next Upcoming Bundle In Free Fire Max

Shoreline Pharaoh Next Upcoming Bundle In Free Fire Max

So, guys, we are back with an all-new unique update regarding Free Fire Max. Here we have brought you a new bundle which is not normal. This bundle is unique from the other bundles of the Free Fire Max. We will share this update with you since we have detected this item in another server, and there are 60% chances for being this bundle in our Indian server. So be with us to the last and find out the detailed overview of the latest upcoming bundle.

We found a brand new bundle in the foreign server, but let us explain that the bundle we are talking about is a tattooed top pattern that can be worn instead of any bundle’s top, such as shirts and jerseys. This latest upcoming bundle is similar to a full-arm tattoo bundle. Below we have discussed this bundle, and you can even see the pics and get an idea about this bundle.

Shoreline Pharaoh Bundle

Detailed Overview

The first view of this bundle seems to be similar to any of the tattooed bundles. But this is vastly different from them. Instead, this bundle is a little different and attractive. But this time, the theme is not any tattoo. This time the developers have designed this bundle upon the theme of an eagle. So you will be able to see an eagle in the character’s chest (if equipped, have a look below). Other than the eagle’s design, we can see a garland onto the neck that is designed like a beetle (an insect) in the colour black and surrounded by a stroke with the yellow colour.

There are prints of an eagle below on both shoulders, which is followed by some designs and patterns. On the backside, we can see a four-core triangle, from which a yellowish colour ray is emerging. The design of this latest upcoming bundle is divided into two colours, yellow at right and black at left. So we have stated every bit of information and design of this bundle, and for more info, you can look at the images.

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Which Event Will Have Shoreline Pharaoh Bundle?

Event For Shoreline Pharaoh Bundle

Luck Royale Section: We are not confirmed about the appearance of this bundle in any particular event, but as per other servers, the bundle is expected to be listed on the luck royale section. So we can hope we will be able to see this bundle soon on our Indian server in the luck royale section.

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Review Of Shoreline Pharaoh 

This latest upcoming Shoreline Pharaoh bundle is not 3D animated, but its first look is excellent, and these types of bundles are the least composed in the game. So, if you like to collect rare bundles, you may spend your diamonds on this bundle if you find it worthy.

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