How To Download Free Fire Under 50 MB

How To Download Free Fire Under 50 MB
How To Download Free Fire Under 50 MB

Do you want to download free fire under 50MB? If yes, so read this article till the end cause in this article, I will guide you on how you can easily download free fire under 50MB.

As we all know, free fire is one of the most fantastic battle royal arena game setups. It has an overall 1 billion downloads around the world. This game is renowned for its grand events, epic crossovers, features, elements, visual design, etc.

Every few months, free fire releases its new updates, including a variety of features. Recently, free fire has launched its OB28 version worldwide. You can simply update your free fire application through the play store or using APK or OBB files.

How to download free fire in 50 MB?

Follow these simple steps for getting the Garena free fire application under 50MB

  1. Open Chrome browser or google.
  2. At the search bar, search for the term “Free fire apk latest version 2021.”
  3. Now in the search results, click on the first website.
  4. When you scroll down on the website, you will find an option of Download Garena free fire APK for android.
  5. Now click on that Download button.
  6. Within a few minutes, your game will be downloaded.

By following these simple steps, you can easily download the free fire application under 50 MB. The below table contains all the information related to this application.

NameGarena Free Fire
Size46.44 MB
Android version required4.1 or higher
Package nameCom.dts.freefireth

Features of Garena Free Fire v1.60.1

Features of Garena Free Fire
Features of Garena Free Fire v1.60.1
  • It has Clash Squad Season 6.
  • Bermuda Remastered is now available in both Classic & Clash Squad.
  • Character System rebuild.
  • Brand new amazing interface for Characters.
  • Excellent Character skill is now combined with the original Character skill.
  • Character Balancing Adjustment.
  • New Weapon launched named as “Kord.”
  • Revival Point and Vending Machine are now available on every map.
  • Weapon Stats adjustment.
  • In Training Grounds, the boxing ring is available in this version.

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An alternative of how to download free Fire under 50 MB

An alternative of how to download free Fire under 50 MB
Try now feature on play store

Also, through Google play instant, you can play Garena free fire for absolutely free. Most of you will not be aware of google play instant. What is google play instant? How to play free fire through google play instant. 

First, google play is not a separate application that you have to download. It’s a feature of google play store only. Through this feature, you can play any game available in the google play store for free, which means you don’t have to download it. 

This feature allows you to play a trial of the game. Now let’s see how we can play through it:

  1. Go to google play store.
  2. Search any game which you want to play for free.
  3. In our case, we will search for Garena free fire.
  4. After that, you will find an option of “Try now,” which is on the left side of the install button.
  5. Click on that try now button.

By doing this process, you can play a trial match of Garena free fire. It’s just a trial match, and that is why you can’t make any changes like changing maps, outfits, gun skins, and other items.


Can we download free fire under 50MB?

Yes, you can easily download free fire under 50MB.

How to download free fire under 50 MB new update?

For downloading the new update of free fire under 50MB, you have to download its apk and OBB file from any third-party website. After that, you can install the apk and compress the OBB file into the folder of free fire.

How do I update my free fire?

If you are an android user, then simply download it from the play store and if you are an IOS user, go to the apple store and update your app from there.


In this article, we saw how you could get the Garena free fire under 50MB through third-party websites. Also, we had seen the features which come in the Garena free fire v1.60.1. If you have any doubt related to this article, then feel free to comment down.


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