How to Complete Free Fire Call Back Event to get Free 29,999 Diamonds 2022

How to Complete Free Fire Call Back Event to get Free 29,999 Diamonds 2022

New Free Fire 5th Anniversary occasions have been live in both game versions. In addition, Garena has added many new possibilities for players to enjoy before the festival ends. Among the recent events, there is a Callback event where players have the opportunity to win Diamond Royale Vouchers and Violet Beams Crates.

This event is even more special because players can get 29999 diamonds from the crate for free. Additionally, players can acquire 16 loot crates, increasing their chances of getting free diamonds. The Latest Free Fire Callback event started on 27 August 2022. Below is a step-by-step guide on How to Complete Free Fire Call Back Event to get Free 29,999 Diamonds, using which you can quickly complete Free Fire Call Back Event.

What is Call back Event In Free Fire?

Call back Event In Free Fire

Finally, the most awaited moment had appeared. Today the entire gaming community of free fire is celebrating Its fifth anniversary of the Free Fire. Yes, today is the peak day of the fifth anniversary, so there are so many events and activities organized by the developers. Among them is an event where you do not have to do any challenging missions, and you can get a lot of prizes. The event is called Call Back Event 2022 in the Free Fire. 

Call back exactly mean calling someone back to any point. Similarly, this event is specially organized for those users who do not play free fire regularly or have quit playing it. In this condition, free fire authority and developers pay some items to the player who gets involved in such activity. The prize lists get updated whenever the Call Back event appears in free fire. So here is a brief note about What is Call back Event In Free Fire? Now we would like to state How to complete the call back mission in the Free Fire.

About Free Fire 5th Anniversary Call Back Event

Free fire 5ty anniversary peak day had arrived. So, finally, today is the 27th of August, and we are having the peak day celebration for the 5th anniversary of the free fire. So friends, every time there is a grand celebration or a monthly celebration, the developers of free fire introduce the Call Back Event so that any player cannot miss the celebration and related prizes.

Hence today also, on the occasion of peak day for celebrating the 5th anniversary of the free fire, the developers introduced a Call Back Event in our Indian server. 

Free Fire’s 5th-anniversary call back had brought up an event where players can win a maximum of 29,999 diamonds for free. These 29,999 diamonds can be won by obtaining the 5th-anniversary call-back boxes.

In this event, you can get a maximum of 16 boxes, and If you are lucky, you can call back your friend to win 29,999 diamonds.

How to Complete Free Fire Call Back Event 2022

How to Complete Free Fire Call Back Event 2022

Players can follow the instructions mentioned below to call back friends and receive 29,999 diamonds in Free Fire:

Step 1: Players must open the Free Fire on their device and head to the event section by clicking on the calendar icon.

Step 2: They can click on the 5th Anniversary tab and go to the “Callback Your Friends” area.

Step 3: Players can click the “Call Back” button beside the corresponding rewards. Doing this will open a new dialog box displaying the names of inactive friends.

Step 4: Players can click on the “Invite” button to call back their inactive friends.

Step 5: Players must share this link with their friends to complete the Free Fire Call Back Event. 

You can also share your Free Fire Call Back Event Link 2022 In the comments section of our latest post about the Free Fire Unlimited Free Diamonds App. After posting the comments, many players will use your link to join the game fast, which will help you complete the event faster than usual. 

In addition, players can send their In-game ID to their friends and request them to use it in the Free Fire Callback Event in August 2022. Once the invited friend returns to the game, their gain will be counted. After reaching the preferred milestone, they can accumulate the rewards from the event page.

Players can follow the steps given below to access the rewards and free 29999 free fire diamonds:

  • Players must access their vault and select the “Others” tab from the menu on the left side.
  • After that, they can open the Violet Beams Crate by clicking on the “Open” button in the bottom-right corner of the screen to collect free 29999 diamonds. 

The drop rate for the Rare item, which includes 29999 Diamonds, is 1%. Meanwhile, the drop rate for the other items (all Amethyst Pentagon) is 99%. If you don’t get free diamonds through the Free Fire Call Back Event 2022, then you can use the Free Fire Diamond Generator Tool to collect free unlimited Diamonds. 

Call Back Free Fire 2022 Tool

Call Back Free Fire 2022 Tool

Call Back Free Fire 2022 Event is a little bit complex to complete for new users of Free Fire. However, you can use the Free Fire Call Back Event 2022 tool given below to share your ID and invite link with thousands of other free fire players to complete the Call Back Free Fire 2022 tasks instantly. 

    Free Fire Call Back IDAdded Time
    49366451410 seconds ago
    49366451611 seconds ago
    49366452012 seconds ago
    49366452115 seconds ago
    49366451516 seconds ago
    49366451117 seconds ago
    49366451218 seconds ago
    49366451318 seconds ago
    49366451719 seconds ago
    49366451922 seconds ago
    49366450913 seconds ago
    4936645349 seconds ago
    4936645237 seconds ago
    4936645125 seconds ago
    4936645234 seconds ago
    49366451240 seconds ago
    49366458330 seconds ago
    49366453740 seconds ago
    49366453750 seconds ago
    49366453410 seconds ago
    49366453420 seconds ago

    How to use Free Fire Call Back 2022 Tool:

    • Open the Free Fire Game, and copy your Free Fire ID by clicking on the profile section.
    • Enter the ID into the box asking for Free Fire ID.
    • Now. other players will help you to complete your Free Fire Call Back 2022.
    • Finally, if you don’t see your ID and invite link in the above box, then refresh this page, and follow the same process until the ID doesn’t appear in the above box. 

    Free Fire Call Back 2022 Rewards List

    Free Fire Call Back 2022 Rewards List

    The list of Free Fire Call Back Event 2022 Rewards is listed below:

    • Call back one companion to get a 1x Violet Beams Crate and Diamond Royale Voucher (30 September 2022)
    • Call back three companions to get 3x Violet Beams Crate, 2x Diamond Royale Voucher (30 September 2022), and Unite – FF 5th Anniversary.
    • Call back five companions to get a 5x Violet Beams Crate and 3x Diamond Royale Voucher (30 September 2022)
    • Call back seven companions to get 7x Violet Beams Crate and 5x Diamond Royale Voucher (30 September 2022)

    Upon unlocking the Violet Beams crate, players will obtain one of the following items:

    • 29999 Free Fire Diamonds
    • 5x Amethyst Pentagon
    • 4x Amethyst Pentagon
    • 3x Amethyst Pentagon
    • 2x Amethyst Pentagon
    • 1x Amethyst Pentagon

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    FAQs – Free Fire Call Back Event 2022

    Is Free Fire Call Back Event Hack possible or not?

    You cannot hack Free Fire Call Back Event due to the latest security update of Garena Free Fire on the 1st of august 2022.

    Free Fire Call back event website?

    The official website of the Free Fire Call back event is, and you can visit it for more information about Free Fire call back event 2022.

    Free Fire Call back Event link 2022?

    All the active invite links of the Free Fire Call back event are mentioned above. You can use them to complete other players’ Call Back Event.

    What is the grand reward in Free Fire Call Back Event 2022?

    Free Fire 29999 Diamonds are the biggest reward of all time provided by any call back event in the free fire till now.

    What is the time limit of the Latest Call Back Event in Free Fire?

    The time limit of the latest Call Back Event In Free Fire is from 27/08/2022 to 01/09/2022. It is a limited-time event in the free fire which will end soon.


    We all love to play free fire and participate in the latest events. However, completing the mission of events sometimes becomes complex due to a lack of knowledge. In this article, we mentioned the in-depth facts about the latest Free Fire Call Back Event, which will end on the 1st of September. 

    Free Fire Call Back Event attracts all players towards it because of its grand reward, which is 29999 Diamonds. As we all know, diamonds are the main in-game currency in free fire, and without them, no one can play free fire like a pro. The additional rewards, such as the Diamond royale voucher and Unite theme song, are another main attraction of this latest Free Fire Call Back Event.

    With the help of this article, we shared all steps to complete the Free Fire Call Back Event. In addition, we also provided a Free Fire Call Back Event Tool, which will help you to complete the event instantly. We hope you liked our article. Make sure to share it with your friends, and stay tuned with us for more information about all the latest free fire events.


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