Free Fire Redeem Codes For 26th Jan 2022 (Free Rewards)

Free Fire Redeem Codes For 26th Jan 2022

Garena free fire has released some new and fresh redeem codes to collect various rewards. We will share them in this article, So you can also enjoy the new prizes of the game.

Garena free fire is an online battle royal game with more than 1 billion downloads worldwide. Free fire is mainly famous for its in-game characters, skins, pets, and elite passes. And players can quickly obtain these things by redeeming codes at the FF redemption site.

The redeem code is a 12 digits number that free fire players can use to obtain various in-game skins and cosmetics. Here is the free fire redeem codes for the date 26th of January 2022:

Free Fire Redeem Codes
  • HDGT-DHFT-SKDU – AWM Swallowtail loot crate
  • DGFT-SHDY-DS7H – Famas Vampire loot crate
  • SHD8-DUCB-DKS7 – Lol Emote
  • DHFT-DHJD-FHT6 – Clap Emote
  • DHFT-SHDY-DKY3 – Random loot crate
  • SHDC-36GS-DHGF – Detective panda pet skin
  • DGFT-HGY6-GKTR – Random pet skin
  • SDGT-VNFH-MNJH – 30 Gold Coins
  • FBGH-MKJY-GFL8 – 20 Glod Coins
  • DFHY-NVDR-SDGT – 10 Diamonds
  • FHDT-DJFE-FDH7 – 20 Diamonds
  • FHVG-DGER-FHGT – 30 Diamonds
  • DHGF-FLGK-GLMN – Thompson Dragon Mob loot crate
  • FJGY-GLDJ-FLIK – Ak Flaming red loot crate
  • FGJF-4753-DJFY – AN94 Spikey Spine

These redeem codes are only for 26th January, so redeem them as soon as possible. You can use the free fire redeem code generator if you want more redeem codes.

Steps to redeem codes:

  1. Open the FF Redemption site
  2. Log in with your Facebook account.
  3. Enter a redeem code in the “Redeem code box.”
  4. Click on redeem code option. After that, open the free fire game, and collect all in-game mails to collect free rewards. 

What do you think about these FF redeem codes? Let us know in the comment section.


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