Free Fire MAX Goal or Troll event guide

Free Fire MAX Goal or Troll event guide

Hello readers, welcome to this post. In this post today, we will share an update with you that can be seen in free fire currently and there are a lot of rewards for each player on behalf of this update. So what is the update and what are the measures one should care about, you can find reading this post till last. Keep your interest in the words and sentences of this post and for sure, you could have all the details easily. Now let us begin exploring the post.

Free Fire MAX Goal or Troll event guide

So friends, the new event in free fire is a web event, and similar to another web event, you will have a unique interface and over that interface, you can have your tasks and challenges that need to be completed within provided time to avail a lot of rewards for free.

But what are the items and tasks in this event, do you know? Well, have a look below because we are going to guide you about the new event – Goal or Troll in the free fire. But before let us have a minor detail about the same event.

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Free Fire MAX Goal or Troll event – details

Friends, we have mentioned earlier that this event is a web event and you will have a foreign interface but we have disclosed the images, which you can refer to. This event is a game that is based on football. You need to aim at the football and then you have to make goals. It’s just simple and you can learn about it nicely via below stated instructions.

Free Fire MAX Goal or Troll event guide

  • Login to the game
  • Go to events > Football Fable > Goal or troll
  • Now click on Go to
  • You will reach the game
  • From there tap on the start

Free Fire MAX Goal or Troll event guide

  • Now aim at the football through the net and shot a goal

Free Fire MAX Goal or Troll event guide

  • Either there would be a goal or no goal
  • If you are a shooter, you will obtain score by shooting goal
  • You will have 3 free chances at the very first that will get vanished once when you use it up
  • Now, you will reach the home interface

Free Fire MAX Goal or Troll event guide

  • You will see here a lot of daily tasks, just complete the tasks to earn chances to make goals and increase your score
  • various rewards are placed upon a certain threshold of score
  • You need to obtain a maximum of 4000 scores so that you could avail of every item for free.

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So friends, here is a post all about Free Fire MAX Goal or Troll event guide. We hope we have successfully instructed you through all the measures that need to be clarified before accessing the event. This post would be useful to you and if so, must share it with your friends and stay connected with us for more details about free fire and free fire max.


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