Free Fire Max Guild Tournaments : How To Get Ultra Rare Items?

Free Fire Max Guild Tournaments : How To Get Ultra Rare Items

Ever since the OB42 update has come in Free Fire Max or Free Fire, there has been a wave as if every player has fallen into this game because it was bound to happen. This is happening because the developers of Free Fire have made revolutionary changes this time with the update. Let us talk about one such update which is going to be very important for you.

If you read our articles daily, then you would know which updates have been launched in Free Fire OB42. One of these updates is named ad Guild 2.0, that is, this time a change has been made in Guild. Under this, you are getting a huge opportunity in which you can participate very easily. It also has its benefits and its advantage is that you will get a chance to acquire ultra rare items in your collection. Below is all the information through which you can also get step by step guide to participate in it.

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New Guild Tournament Mode: Details

Free Fire Max Guild Tournaments : How To Get Ultra Rare Items

After the release of Guild 2.0, many major changes have been made, one of which was a change that is going to change history. It’s the Guild Tournament this tournament is not like our previous guild tournament but it is something special and in this you will get to see such huge rewards which perhaps even no big YouTuber has today. With this we can give the title of Ultra Rare to such items.

This tournament will run every Saturday from 6:30 PM to 11:30 PM and the first 15 teams to enter the tournament will get a chance to earn these Ultra Rewards along with a guild customized V Badge. So come and let us know how you can participate in this tournament and become entitled to these ultra rare rewards.

How To Participate In Guild Tournament In Free Fire Max?

  • You need to be logged in to your game
  • Now you have to come to the guild section
  • Remember that you are doing this procedure after 6:30 pm on Saturday
  • After coming here you will see that guild tournaments are active and what you have to do now is to play matches with your guild mates
  • The more matches you win, the more guild score will increase
  • Only if you are able to score more than the top 15 teams, you will become eligible for this Ultra Rare Rewards
  • These ultra rare rewards will appear in your mailbox within the next 48 hours for you to claim
  • Along with this you will also get V badge which will be specific and customized

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Through this article, we have brought the update to you which is the latest update and there are still a few days for this update to come into action, that is, you still have time and we have updated you at the right time. If you want to remain aware of updates like these in future, then read the articles on our site daily and also share it with your friends.


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