Fashion Fiesta – New Event In Free Fire

Fashion Fiesta – New Event In Free Fire

Events in the free fire have gone common these days because regularly, the community is getting introduced to either the event or activity in the game. These events are paid which means you will need diamonds to obtain items from this event but the items under the event are a lot more useful. Hence, in this post, we would state one of the latest events in the free fire that brought you unique collection prizes. So, read the post till last to know all the information.

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Fashion Fiesta – New Event In Free Fire

Fashion Fiesta – New Event In Free Fire

Fashion Fiesta, the name itself is stating the finest of fashion where you will have multiple choices. Similarly, a new event in free fire has been launched that will have a collection of fashionable items. This event is a type of web event and is accessible through the game you need to log in to the game and follow the instructions as stated below.

Fashion Fiesta – New Event In Free Fire – Here’s how to participate

Fashion Fiesta – New Event In Free Fire

  • Login to the game
  • Now go to events section > news and head to the Fashion Fiesta banner and click on go to
  • You will reach the interface
  • Now you will have some tutorial, just skip it or you may read it
  • Post that, you can now select the grand prize that you will receive
  • You can reselect it multiple times
  • After selecting the grand prize, you will reach the page where you will have to make spins
  • You will have two options for single spin that would cost you 20 diamonds while the other one would be of 10 spins that would cost you 180 diamonds, just go with the second one
  • Now, make enough spins till you obtain the grand prize
  • Now you are done, check the vault for the item and equip it

So friends, must follow the steps mentioned above and do as stated.

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This was a post all about Fashion Fiesta – a New Event In Free Fire. All the details are covered along with the instructions about how to participate in the mission. We hope you would have loved it, so stay connected with us for more updates and information about free fire and free fire max.


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