Diwali Giveaway Via Free Fire Department: Here’s How To Participate In This Giveaway

Diwali Giveaway Via Free Fire Department: Here’s How To Participate In Thus Giveaway

Friends, you must have heard about giveaway and you must also know that through giveaways, you can get many things for free but the only condition is that your luck should be in favor with you In today’s post, we shall include Giveaway in the topic and share you some update about it and you will be even more happy to know that the department organizing this giveaway is none other than the developers of Free Fire themselves. Yes, you have read it right and if you participate in this game then you can get exclusive items absolutely free. To know, How to participate in this giveaway and what is it’s period then mist read the entire article carefully as we have given all this information further in our post.

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Diwali Giveaway: All Details

Diwali Giveaway Via Free Fire Department: Here’s How To Participate In Thus Giveaway

It is very rare that any official team itself promotes its own products, but whenever it happens, there cannot be anything more joyous and joyful than this for the common citizens. And this giveaway is from the official department of Free Fire, so you cannot even imagine how many players would be going crazy for it. Well, many players do not even know how to participate in this giveaway, how many days they have and what rewards they will get in this giveaway? Let us give you all these details.

When Is Free Fire Diwali Giveaway?

As you all know that Diwali is celebrated as a big festival in our country and recently this festival is about to come and preparations for it have also been started. Now, how can the developers of Free Fire stay behind with this, they have shared many updates related to it, like the latest event of Free Fire, that too was based on Diwali similarly, there are many updates related to Diwali.

The Free Fire Diwali Giveaway is organized today and you have a validity to participate in the same giveaway between 2nd and 3rd November, that is, players can participate in this giveaway from 2nd November to 3rd November. Whoever is the winner in this giveaway, will be announced in the next few days and the rewards of the giveaway will also be sent in their mailbox. Let us know how you can participate and what is its price list.

What Is Diwali Giveaway 2023 Prize?

The Diwali Giveaway 2023 Prize is Katana : Divine Blade that you can see above.

How To Participate In The Diwali Giveaway 2023?

Diwali Giveaway Via Free Fire Department: Here’s How To Participate In Thus Giveaway

• There are two ways to participate in Diwali, either you can go inside the game and get redirected to Instagram or you can directly open the Instagram application

• It would be better that you first go to the Free Fire application and from there you go to the Events section, then go to the News section and then click on the Diwali Giveaway banner and you will be sent to in game browser from where you have to either login with your account or transfer it to browser to directly open it from your device’s application to the Instagram application

• Free Fire India official account will be opened directly with you here.

• What you have to do here is that you have to follow that account and whatever post comes on your screen, you have to like that post, share it and go to its comment section and post a comment in which you can say whatever you want. Along with this you should also enter your UID there

• Now you have to wait for the results and you can keep checking your mail box to verify whether you have been selected or not

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Through this article, we have shared a tremendous news related to Free Fire, through which you can participate in Giveaway being organized by Free Fire itself. We have given its complete instructions in step by step guide format and have also told what prizes you will get in this giveaway. There are going to be five more such giveaways from the department of Free Fire itself, so if you want their future information to reach you at the right time, then stay connected with us.


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