10 Tips and Tricks to Play Minecraft Like a Pro


Minecraft is one of the most popular survival games of all time, with more than 141 million players globally. This game revolves around various aspects such as building, mining, hunting, and, most importantly, surviving. For being a pro in Minecraft, a player needs to be an expert in all these aspects.

So if you have a desire to become a pro player of Minecraft but don’t know how to, then you have come to the right place as we will be diving into some tips and tricks that would help you play Minecraft like a pro.

Boost Your Clicking With an Auto Clicker

Almost all activities in Minecraft require fast clicking. The more clicking speed you have, the better and quicker you can perform a task. But as human beings, we have certain limitations, and it’s almost impossible to cross those limits. An average person cannot click more than 5 times a second, even by drag clicking, but an auto clicker can. 

So if your clicking speed is too slow, and so is your progress in Minecraft, then try using an auto clicker to boost mouse click speed. There are a lot of websites from where you can download the software but we recommend you to download auto clicker from trusted websites like autoclicker.io, Sourceforge, etc. 

Craft Tools

It is almost impossible to survive in Minecraft without proper tools as they are involved in nearly every activity, such as gathering material, building, farming, fishing, attacking, defending, e.t.c. Hence, you should craft tools to have a better chance of survival in the game.

Tools in Minecraft can be made from different materials such as wood, stone, iron, gold, and diamond. In Minecraft, you can make the following tools out of these materials:

  • Sword
  • Axe
  • Pickaxe
  • Torches
  • Hoe
  • Shovel
  • Furnace
  • Chest
  • Bed
  • Boat
  • Fishing Rod


Wood is the weakest material for making tools and breaks sooner than others, so while you make your tools, try to use more robust material so the tools can last longer. 

Keep Yourself Protected

As Minecraft is a survival game, it is extremely important to keep yourself protected at all times. The best way to protect yourself in Minecraft is by being prepared for an attack. The following tips will help you protect yourself in Minecraft:

  • Wear armor and always keep a weapon in your Hotbar so you can use it in case of an attack. You can also craft a shield for extra protection.
  • Build walls in the area around your house to prevent mobs
  • Light up the place where you live and the sites where you visit to prevent mobs from spawning 

Construct a Permanent Shelter

You can have a temporary shelter during the first few days of your survival, but you should try to build a permanent house for yourself as soon as possible. This is because a house protects you from zombies and skeletons that spawn at night. Besides this, it also lets you have rooms for different types of activities such as:

  • Bedroom
  • Storage room
  • Crafting room
  • Smelting room
  • Brewery
  • Enchanting room
  • Entrance to your mine
  • Foyer

Keep an Eye on the Durability of the Tools

Don’t you hate it when you’re attacking a mob with your weapon or digging a mine with a pickaxe, and it suddenly breaks? 

Well, this happens because every tool in Minecraft has specific durability, which decreases with every hit, and after a set number of hits, the tool breaks. To avoid this from occurring, you should always keep an eye on the durability of your tools and try making tools with more durable materials.  

Never Dig Straight Down

You must have heard several times that you should never dig straight down in Minecraft. Many people say this because you never know what’s underneath, and it can sometimes be challenging to get back up. Here are the things that can happen to you if you dig straight down:

  • You could fall into a hidden ravine
  • You may encounter mobs that would be waiting to kill you
  • You might drop into lava and die

Build Farms and Gardens

An essential aspect of survival is having a continuous supply of resources. In Minecraft, you would have to build farms and gardens, which you would use to grow wheat, vegetables, fruits, and farm animals. This would provide you with a consistent supply of food for your survival. 

Tame Animals

There are several animals in Minecraft; a few can also be tamed and used in different tasks. Below is a list of some animals that can be tamed along with their uses:

  • Cats: Keep away creepers 
  • Wolves: Great as a hunting partner 
  • Horses: Provide transport
  • Llamas: Carries chest
  • Mules: Used for transportation as well as carrying chests


The Minecraft world is infinite, and it’s really fun to explore it. Exploring Minecraft can lead you to discover new places that could be of great use in the game, such as Villages, caves, structures, temples, and biomes. 

So take a look at the map you were given at the start of the game and use it to explore the Minecraft world.

Take Screenshots of the Coordinate of Important Places

Most players in Minecraft, when they discover a new place, are unable to find it the very next time they try to re-visit. This happens because it’s easy to get lost in the Minecraft world due to its infinite size. However, if you know the coordinates of a place, you will never get lost or fail to find an important place. 

So if you don’t already use the coordinate feature of Minecraft, then turn it on and take a screenshot of the coordinates every time you visit a place where you want to return.

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Minecraft might seem simple, but it is quite a complicated game, especially if you’re a beginner. However, after reading this article, we believe that you would have all the guidance you need to become a pro player of Minecraft. 

So what are you waiting for? Try out these tips and tricks for yourself and become a legendary player of Minecraft.


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