How long is a Minecraft day?

How long is a Minecraft day


  • How long is a Minecraft day?
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How long is a Minecraft day?

Minecraft is a comprehensive game involving very minute details and its day and night cycle, which correlates to the original cycle, in one of its examples. The time duration for this cycle is normally 20 minutes in original world time.

If we take into account the in-game clock, we can clearly state that the day begins at 6 am in the morning, within 5 minutes the time changes to noon when the sun is at its full peak, and then, 5 minutes later, its evening. This indicates that the player will have to spend 10 minutes in daylight and the next 10 minutes in night time during the game. 

Day and night time in Minecraft

As already mentioned, the complete day and night cycle lasts for 20 minutes in the game, almost 72 times faster than the original time. Your day begins at 6 am when it’s full dawn and then the sun gradually moves towards its zenith. A bright colored sky can be witnessed during this duration and the exact color of the sky is typically dependent on the type of biome you are residing in.

Further, during sunset time, which is the time between day and night, the duration is almost one and a half minutes. The night is depicted with complete and utter darkness, lasting for almost 7 minutes. You can download Minecraft APK for free and experience the day and night time in minecraft yourself.

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How long is a Minecraft day in real time?

Minecraft day is about 20 minutes long in real world time. 

How long are Minecraft days and nights?

Minecraft is a very detailed game consisting of day and night cycles, each complete cycle lasting for about 20 minutes in the game.

How many hours is 1000 days in Minecraft?

One hour equals to 1000 Minecraft ticks, which equates to 50 seconds in real world time.

Can you hang a clock in Minecraft?

Consider following the below mentioned instructions in order to hang a clock in Minecraft:

  • In the hotbar, locate an item frame to hang a clock in the game.
  • If, in case, you don’t already possess an item frame, then its high time you should make one by using the crafting recipe available.
  • After this, proceed to hang the clock by positioning the pointer on the block where you want to place it.

Do compasses in Minecraft point to your bed?

No, they are designed to point towards the World Spawn rather than your bed. The World Spawn is the location in the game where you originate as well as die in Minecraft. 

How do you skip days in Minecraft?

Consider following the below mentioned steps in order to skip days in Minecraft:

  • First of all, consider opening the chat window as it is the easiest way to run a command in the game.
  • Then, proceed to type the command. If you want to skip a day, consider typing the command: /time set day. When you type this, the game will automatically start the next day. 


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