Upcoming Fist Skin In Free Fire: Ember Fist Skin

Upcoming Fist Skin In Free Fire Ember Fist Skin

Hello guys, welcome to our fresh new post of free fire. Today we are here to dedicate an article on an exclusive fist skin. You all know that any fist skin is always a rare item in the collection of any particular vault. So why one could avoid knowing about such a rare item. Today we will show you the in-game item and will its overview. Forward we will discuss where we will be able to find the item. So let’s begin.

Overview of the Upcoming Fist Skin In Free Fire

Ember Fist Skin

Ember Fist Skin

So guys, you already know the name. It’s EMBER FIST SKIN. The name is quite simple, but the item is seen as too attractive and good-looking. As you know, every present fist skin in free fire max is so beautiful. Moreover, it gives a glimpse into your palm and shows a presence of power. 

The skin has a bar glowing in a colour combination of red and orange. It is different from the others, as you can see in the images below. Moreover, it has a different animation that seems like the blasting of the fireball. Furthermore, you can only know when this skin will appear in our Indian server of free fire max.

Which Event Will Have The Ember Fist Skin?

Which Event Will Have The Ember Fist Skin

Luck royale section

So guys, as we present every item before you from another country’s server, so there we found it was present in a luck royale section similar to the evolution gun one. So the maximum number of diamonds needed is approx 1100 to take out this Fist skin.

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Review of the Upcoming fist skin in free fire Ember Fist

Guys, as we know, we had spent no less than 1000 diamonds to have any of the Fist skin, so similarly, we have to use up our diamonds, and this one is worth up to 1300 diamonds. So you can purchase the Fist skin below 1300 diamonds.

So guys hope you got a rare update that is brought very first by us. So keep joined with us for every update and news regarding the free fire.


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