Upcoming Event In Free Fire Max: Oni Spin (Latest Upcoming Spin Event)

Upcoming Event In Free Fire Max Oni Spin

Guys welcome back. Again, we are here to present an upcoming update in our free fire max game on our Indian server. We will have an event featuring four grand prizes. We know that you must be excited about this event to read and to see. So be with this article, and you can do both, and also you can have some information about this event in our today’s article. So be with us till last.

There are countless events that had been appeared in free fire max. And almost daily, users and players see any new event regularly, and usually, they are asked for diamonds in 60% of events, while in some events, you can win rewards for free by logging in to your account in free fire max and by attempting the missions and performing it.

Latest Upcoming Event In Free Fire Max – Oni Spin

Overview of the Upcoming Event

As per its name, this event is a type of event where you have to make a spin via three different choices. The first type of spin will be of 1 spin, while the second type of spin will have five spins at a time with some discounted diamonds. And the last type of spin will be a special spin, where your chance and luck increase 60% to get the grand prize.

The grand prizes in this event are :

  • Legendary bundle
  • Legendary mp5 skin
  • Legendary surfboard skin
  • Animated backpack skin

So guys these are the grand items you can win over here. Moreover, you can see the pic and mark a guess.

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Cost of spins in the Event

Cost of spins in the Event

Guys, the first type of spin will cost you 25 diamonds for only one spin, while the second type of skip will cost you 100 diamonds for five spins, and in this way, you save 25 diamonds if you make a spin of 100 diamonds. Other than these, there is another type of spin that will be called a special spin. It will increase your luck three times more than the normal spin.

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So, guys, we have explained every detail of this upcoming event. And hope this event will come soon to our Indian server. So, stay tuned for every news related to free fire and upcoming in-game items.


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