New Upcoming Bundle In Free Fire Max: Flaming Cyber Guardian Bundle


The leading battle royale game free fire max is the first choice of youngsters. The reason behind this statement is in-game items and battel royale algorithm. People prefer to play free fire when they are in a condition where there is no work for them. So this game usually offers in-game items such as bundles, gun skins, vehicle skins, emotes, and countless other things. One among these is character-friendly bundles. And today, we are going to present an article that is based on an upcoming legendary bundle in free fire max. 

Upcoming Bundle In Free Fire Max

Flaming Cyber Guardian Bundle

Flaming Cyber Guardian Bundle

This latest upcoming bundle flaming cyber guardian bundle is coloured blueish & it is open at the stomach pace. The sleeves are muscularly designed and slightly raised at the shoulders, giving an excellent look to the bundle. The backside of the bundle is in an animation-based tri-opened circular plate upon which you will get a design like a lotus. The bundle will surely attract you in your sight as it seems like a lightning blueish cloth. You can see this bundle below as we have provided some images also.

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Appear date in FF Indian server

So in the first paragraph, we have described the bundle, and officially this bundle is named as Flaming Cyber guardian bundle. Now let’s discuss in which event does it gathers higher chances to appear in our Indian server.

In accordance with other servers, the bundle – Flaming Cyber guardian bundle is expected to appear in a Web event where you will have two options for a draw. The premium draw brings you more luck in obtaining this bundle. In addition, you’ll be able to get this bundle in a regular spin if you are lucky, according to the game’s algorithm. We are not confirmed in which event the developers are going to inject this item. It may be in the faded wheel or any luck royale, but we even wish to have this bundle in any web event because it is a pretty easy way to win the grand prize in a very few quantities.

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Review: Flaming Cyber Guardian Bundle

Review Flaming Cyber Guardian Bundle

Seriously, I would have purchased it at first sight as it is no less than any incubator Bundle, and why would I let the offer fly away if I had a great chance to get a legendary bundle. Overall the Bundle – Flaming Cyber guardian bundle is overpowered and attractive. We had purchased this bundle in our Vietnam server account and now waiting to appear on the FF Indian server. 

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Note: We do not assure 100% confirmation for appearing this Bundle in our Indian server. This news is just based on some sources and international server visits.

In this article, we have presented a new Bundle that is going to be injected into the game soon. I hope we have explained every bit of points regarding this Bundle and wish you good luck in obtaining this Bundle. Stay tuned with us to know more about every update of Free Fire Max.


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