New Character In Free Fire Max : Orion

New Character In Free Fire Max : Orion

So friends, finally the moment has arrived for which we were waiting for the OB37 update in free fire max. There were no characters introduced since that update and the whole community was enough bored without any superb character other than Antonio. But no sooner did the Project Crimson has been appeared, the incomplete wish had also been fulfilled.

So welcome to the post where we are going to cover the latest news in the game free fire and free fire max which is all about New Character In Free Fire Max Orion. This update is just the latest because it has been disclosed today at 9 am. It means, from 9 am on 12th May, the information is being considered. So let us find out how obtaining the new character is possible for free. We just want to ensure you read the post till last so that you couldn’t miss any important information let’s begin now.

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New Character In Free Fire Max Orion : Information

New Character In Free Fire Max : Orion

Friends, you must be aware that a grand event namely Project Crimson is going on in free fire. The new character is going to be based on the same theme and the name for the new character has been provided as Orion. Considering the videos of some YouTubers, we want to tell you that Orion’s character is going to be one of the superb characters with enormous skills by date. Anything has not been revealed till now, but soon we shall get to know about it.

New Character In Free Fire Max : Orion

The Banner about this character stating that it will be available for free of cost has also been out in the game free fire as well as free fire max. This led to the solid belief in the availability of the new character Orion without a single diamond or gold. But wait, we just want to share our analysis with you. Just you have to fix a thing in your mind, and you will have to perform some tasks and activities to get the new character and the same is soon going to be revealed. Be with us and keep reading our upcoming posts to have all the details. We will share the exact information about How To Get The Orion Character For Free In Free Fire Max in our next post. So stay tuned.

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Dear friends, this is today’s all-new post in which we have shared the info about new news coming from the official game free fire and free fire max. A new character is going to be launched which will be available for all of us for free. In this post, we have shared the information and the next post would have all the steps to get the character for absolutely free. Till then stay tuned.


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