How to use the Upstox app to Get Free Diamonds

best app for earn diamonds in free fire

If you want to get free diamonds using the Upstox app, then you are at the right place. In this article, we will share a method to get daily free diamonds using the favorite app of the stock market known as Upstox. Also, we will discuss some clever tricks to earn free rewards through the different types of stock market apps.

What is the Upstox app?


Upstox is a platform where anyone can place buying and selling orders of stock. Upstox is a trusted stockbroker in the Indian market. Every investor uses this app to invest in equity, Mutual fund, and ETF. Every person in India wants to invest in assets like Bitcoin and Stocks. That’s the reason why the Upstox app is trending.

What is the connection between diamonds and Upstox app?

You Might be thinking about the connection between a stockbroker app Upstox and an in-game currency of free fire game? So, the answer is simple. First, we will use Upstox’s refer and earn program to earn money online, and after that will spend that money on buying free fire diamonds.

Diamonds are the premium in-game currency of free fire, and if you want to obtain them, you need to top-up diamonds, which require real money. And In India, parents don’t allow their children to spend money on games, So we got a trick, using which you can earn money online, and after making some money, you can spend it on buying free fire diamonds top-up.

Best app for earn diamonds in free fire


Now, let’s discuss some top stockbroker apps with their amount per refer, so you can choose the best app out of them and start earning money.

App NameEarning Per Refer
Upstox1200 rupees
Groww 100 rupees
IND Money500 rupees
5paisa500 rupees
Angel one600 rupees

As mentioned above, Upstox is giving a higher earning per refer than other stock brokers. So we will suggest using the refer and earn program of the Upstox app if you want to make massive money to buy free fire diamond top-ups.

We already discussed the Upstox app previously. Now below are the details of the other fours app are which are mentioned above.

1. Groww App


Groww is a stockbroker app, and it is available on the google play store, with more than 1cr downloads. Groww app comes with a simple interface so that anyone can use it without any instruction. If you refer this app to your friends with the provided referral link, you will get 100 rupees as a reward.

2. IND Money

IND money is a different app and using it, you can invest in US Stocks and US mutual funds, such as the Nasdaq 100 index fund and many others. Moreover, if you refer this app to your friends, you will get 500 rupees per refer, which is higher than the Groww app.

3. 5paisa


5paisa is another Indian stockbroker app, and it is also available on the google play store. It has more than 50 lakh downloads. With the help of the 5paisa app, you can invest in stocks and Digital gold. You can also purchase insurance and IPO from it. This app also provides a loan option, So you can also take a loan from this app. If you refer this app to your friends, you will get 500 rupees as a reward, similar to the IND money app.

4. Angel one

Angel one is another favorite app in India for investing in equities, Index funds, and flex cap funds. The developers of this app are angel one limited, which is a registered broker. If you join the refer and earn program of this app, you can make up to 600 rupees per refer, So if you refer this app to a minimum of five friends and they join it using your referral link, then you will get 3500 rupees, after transfer this earned money in your bank account, you can spend it on buying free fire diamonds.

Which app is best to earn free diamonds?

best diamond app for free fire
Best diamond app for free fire

Now, let’s discuss which app is best for you to earn free diamonds. So as we compared all the stockbroker apps, we found that the Upstox app’s refer and earn program is better because it provides a higher income opportunity and gives an amount of 1200 rupees per refer. It means, If your friend joins the Upstox app from your referral link and creates a Demat account, you will get 400 rupees. Then, when he trades using that account, you will get the remaining amount of 800 rupees.

So if you want to earn free fire diamonds, you can refer this app to a minimum of 3 friends and help them open their Demat account. If you follow this method, you can earn up to 3600 rupees in only three refers. After making money, you can easily buy 10000 diamonds from it. The download link of the Upstox app is given below, click on it and join the app.

FAQ’s – Free Diamonds earning trick

How many diamonds can I earn using this trick?

Using this mentioned trick of the Upstox app, you can earn unlimited Diamonds for your free fire account.

How many times can I use the diamond earning trick?

You can use this diamond earning trick as long as the Upstox app’s refer and earn program is working.

Can everyone use this Upstox app to earn free diamonds?

Yes, using the method mentioned in this article, everyone can earn free diamonds with the help of the Upstox app. It is an easy method.



As the prices of diamonds are increasing in the free fire game, players are searching for some 100% working diamond earning methods, but due to lots of online earning app on the internet, they were confused about which app to use and which do not.

In this article, we compared the best refer and earn money apps for free fire and suggested the best app to make money. We found that Upstox is the best app to earn free fire diamonds because it comes with the highest paying refer and earn program, So we recommended it to all free fire players who want to make free diamonds.

I hope you liked our article. Make sure to share it with your buddies. If you have any queries related to this article, you can ask us in the comments, and we will help you for sure. If you want to get free unlimited diamonds without any app, you can use the free fire diamonds generator.



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