How to use Skin Tool App in Free Fire 2023

Skin Tool App

Hello friends, we are back with an enormous post that is going to really help you out. In our previous post, we stated how to use the Gloo wall skin app – lulu box. But in this post, we will share tips about another skin application that is useful in getting skins of any item in the free fire. So be with us as we are going to present a post about How to use skin tool app in free fire 2023. 

Let’s begin with How to use the skin tool app in free fire 2023. 

    How to use Skin Tool App in Free Fire 2023

    Today we will take in work for a popular application that is known as Skin tools. It is available in the play store, and you can download it easily. So in this post, we will share the methods of using the skin tool app in free fire 2023. All the steps are listed as points below.

    • Install the skin tool application from here.
    • Open it till you see an interface.
    • Upon that interface, you will have two main options, weapons and costume.
    • You can select any of the two or both in a sequence.
    • When you click any option (suppose weapon option), you will see many banners with various gun skins.
    • Please select any of the banners that you want to get in your I’d for free.
    • Now click on the download.
    • Now click on activate, minimize the application and open free fire.
    • Your skins will be waiting for you.
    • Enjoy your game.

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    So friends, in this post, we have explained How to use the skin tool app in free fire 2023 much more straightforwardly. So follow every step above and enjoy the game with your favourite skins. I hope this post is helpful to you. So be with us, as we keep uploading new tips and tricks daily.

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