How To Buy ₹79 Airdrop In Free Fire Max?

How To Buy ₹79 Airdrop In Free Fire Max

Friends, welcome to our new article where we are going to give you some tips through which you will know how to successfully place a purchase cycle in your game from today. First of all, we want to tell you that today’s article is specifically dedicated to those people who have recently joined Free Fire and to those people who have not yet purchased any item from this game.

So in this article we are going to tell you How To Buy ₹79 Airdrop In Free Fire Max? Let us move ahead and start this article without any delay.

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How To Buy ₹79 Airdrop In Free Fire Max?

How To Buy ₹79 Airdrop In Free Fire Max

Friends, ever since the OB41st update has come in Free Fire, after that you must be getting to see a new edition in the form of an Airdrop, which is an Airdrop and you are getting it for ₹ 79. That too, such a thing was not seen before and this is the first time that you are getting to see it for ₹ 79 and you can also buy it. Somewhere this drop is as cheap and affordable as ₹95 so many players want to buy it because this drop of ₹95 is now available for ₹79. So let’s follow all those instructions which are used in buying this airdrop.

How To Buy ₹79 Airdrop In Free Fire Max?

How To Buy ₹79 Airdrop In Free Fire Max

• First of all you have to log in to your game

• Now if this drop has come to your account, then you have look at the upper left side of your character lobby interface, you will see a woody box, you have to click on the same

• Now you will get to see a drop overview where you will see different rewards and at the bottom there will be a yellow colored icon of ₹79, you have to click on it

• Now you will be redirected to a page which will be of play store

• If you have Google Play balance at least ₹ 79 then you can easily buy your drop from there and if you do not have Google Play balance then you can buy this drop from any other payment method supported on that page and if you don’t have both then, first go and get Google Play balance through Redeem code, after that you can redeem the code through Play Store or directly come to the game and redeem it from the web page of Play Store and then buy the airdrop

• As soon as you buy this airdrop, a pop up will appear in front of you, after which you will get the right amount of diamond and each reward shown in the drop overview

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So my friends, here is today’s article through which we have told you How To Buy ₹79 Airdrop In Free Fire Max? We hope that you would have liked this article, so please share this article with your friends so that they can also go here and buy Airdrop using the method that we have stated. And along with this website, we keep bringing information and updates derived from Free Fire every day.


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