Free Fire Season 45 Elite Pass release date, expected time, and leaked Best rewards

Free Fire Season 45 Elite Pass release date

In Free Fire, there are a lot of cosmetics to get, and the Elite Pass is one of the best methods to get them. Individuals must accomplish tasks to acquire badges, and after collecting a certain number of them, they can claim stuff in this tier-based reward system.

Each month, the developers provide a new pass, including a range of themed incentives such as unique outfit bundles and more. The game’s Season 44 Elite Pass is presently available and will be available through the end of January.

Users eagerly anticipate the next elite pass and are eager to learn more about the leaked prizes.

Release date and expected time about Free Fire Season 45 Elite Pass

Release date and expected time about Free Fire Season 45 Elite Pass

Because the pass is updated once a month, the Free Fire Season 45 Elite Pass will be available in the game on February 1st, when the Season 44 Elite Pass expires. Gamers may expect it around 4:00 a.m. IST, which is when the game’s events generally reset.

Users will purchase the two premium variants of the pass – Elite Pass and Elite Bundle for 499 and 999 diamonds, respectively.

Pre-orders for the pass will be available a few days before the season begins, around the end of January.

Best Leaked rewards of Free Fire Season 45 Elite Pass

Data miners revealed the Season 45 awards for the Free Fire Elite Pass a while back. The following are some of the significant best goods that users will receive:

  • Silver Rothbart Bundle (225 badges)
  • Smooth Sway emote (200 badges)
  • Wrapped Feathers Backpack (180 badges)
  • Swan Embrace Loot Box (150 badges)
  • FAMAS – Whirlwind Crease (125 badges)
  • Embrace Skyboard (100 badges)
  • SKS – Whirlwind Crease (80 badges)
  • Platinum Odette Bundle (50 badges)
  • Ice Feathers Hoodie (15 badges)
  • Pickup Truck – Whirl of Swan (0 badges)

Note that these are leaked prizes, and the developers have yet to confirm them.


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