Free Fire New Pet Dreki Full details

Free Fire New Pet Dreki Full details

Garena free fire has become the most popular mobile game nowadays. Every day Garena is launching Amazing events for their players. Here are complete details of the free fire’s New Pet Dreki, So read this article completely to know all about New Pet Dreki’s skill and skins.

New Dreki Pet full details

Dreki name refers to a dragon. Most free fire players are using this new pet because of its beautiful animation and Cute look.

Dreki Pet all skins name

Dreki Pet all skins name
  • Pet Skin: Default
  • Pet Skin: Splashy Dreki

Dreki Pet all Actions name

Dreki Pet all Actions name
  • Celebrate – Action that triggers when the pet is happy. when defeating an enemy or using a med kit.
  • Play – Action that can be unlocked when pet levels up. can be used in the command level.
  • Show – Advanced action. can be used in the command wheel.

Dreki Pet Skill

The owner can spot 1 Opponent who is using Medkits within a 10 meter Range, Skill Lasts for 3 seconds. When Upgraded to Max level, the owner can spot 4 Opponents who are using medkits within a 30 Meter range, which Lasts for 5 seconds.

How to Unlock Dreki

You can not unlock Dreki pet, But soon the pets will be available on free fire store, you can purchase it when it is available in store.

Watch This Video for more Information

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