Free Fire New Pet Agent Hop Skill, Level, And Many More

Free Fire New Pet Agent Hop Ability, Level, And Many More
Details of upcoming pet Agent hop

Free fire is an online battle royal game, and its graphics are excellent. Every day this game comes up with new events and updates. Today, we have the latest news of the free fire game, which will surprise you. There are so many pets in free fire game, Like detective panda, Spirit fox, Shiba, Kitty, mechanical pup, and many more. Now, Garena will add one more pet to this wonderful list. The name of this upcoming new pet is “Agent Hop.”

Every Pet owns a unique skill in free fire, which helps the player to survive in the game. That’s the reason why players use pets while playing free fire. However, the kitty is only the Pet in the free fire, which doesn’t have any skill. Now, let’s discuss the skill of this new pet, “Agent Hop.” So this pet comes with a “Bouncing Bonus” skill. This skill provides the pet’s owner an extra 30 EP (Energy points) When the safe zone shrinks.

The skill of the new pet agent hop

There is a total of 3 levels of this new pet, “Agent Hop.” At the first level, players only gain 30 EP when the safe zone shrinks. At the 2nd level, the EP will increase from 30 to 40, and at level 3, the EP will increase from 40 to 50. This “Bouncing Bonus” skill will help you survive the zones of free fire.

Also, it will be best to use this pet while playing with the A124 character, Because the A124 character has a unique ability, ‘Thrill of Battle,’ which allows her to convert a part of her EP into HP instantly. So, you can instantly convert that gained EP from this pet into HP. It will save time as well as you don’t need to use medkits for recovering HP.

Agent hop top up event

The looks of the upcoming pet “Agent Hop” are like a cute rabbit, and his skill’s name “Bouncing Bonus” also shows the bouncing movements of the rabbit. This pet has been wearing a blue dress with a small grenade on the belt, making it look more attractive.

The pet is coming in free fire India server through a top-up event named “Agent Hop Top Up,” Anyone willing to unlock this pet can top up during the event period. You have to top up 200 diamonds to unlock this pet, And 300 diamonds to open the “Show off” emote of agent hop pet. In addition, you can top up 500 diamonds to unlock the “Carnival skin” of this pet.

This “Agent Hop Top Up” event may come in the free fire until the 25th of November. The dates are not confirmed yet, but you can follow the free fire social media handles to get an instant update about this pet.

So, what do you think about this new pet, “Agent Hop”? Are you excited about it? Let us know in the comment section. Click here to unlock all pets of the free fire game for free.


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