Free Fire Max Latest Ongoing Event: The Mystery Shop

Free Fire Max Latest Ongoing Event

So guys, the latest event in our Free Fire Max has been included that is the mystery shop, based on the theme Assassin’s creed. All of you must be familiar with the term mystery shop, as it is no less than any surprise gift for any Free Fire player. It had been published in our game on March 12, 2022, since morning 04:00 IST & will be continued till March 19, 2022, up to 04:00 IST. So let’s explore the Indian server’s first mystery shop of 2022. 

The Mystery Shop Event

Event Details

The Mystery Shop Event

The mystery shop is a limited period event in free fire max. As we all know, every mystery shop has a basic provision, and it provides a male’s suitable bundle as well as a female’s one. The male Bundle’ is named as Ezio Auditor outfit bundle, whereas the female bundle’s name is the Dragon Mafia bundle

These two bundles are the grand prize over diamonds. The Ezio Auditor outfit bundle will cost you as per your discount. Still, ever since I too have entered in this event, as per mine discount of 73%, the bundle’s cost is 242 diamonds whereas Dragon Mafia bundle will also cost the same. Now let’s elaborate on other items in this event.

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The Mystery Shop Event Rewards List

The Mystery Shop Event Rewards List

The male phased pool contains:

Grand item – Ezio Auditor outfit bundle 

  • Incubator vouchers (10 maximum)
  • Predatory Cobra token box (10 max)
  • K’s professor Bundle
  • K’s fragment loot crate
  • Emote suitable to the pet Beaston 
  • Flaming hydra motorbike skin
  • Legendary cobra backpack skin
  • Cobra surfboard
  • The silver assassin helmet (headwear)
  • Diamond royale vouchers
  • Pet food
  • Impossible cap (headwear)
  • Scar – Phantom assassin weapon loot crate

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The female phased pool contains:

Grand Reward – Dragon Mafia bundle. 

  • Name change card
  • Blue flame Draco token box
  • Character – Alok
  • Alok’s Beat composer bundle
  • Alok’s fragment loot crate
  • Pet – Dr. Beanie
  • Emote suitable to pet De. Beanie
  • Lightning bike skin
  • Dead of the dead pack backpack
  • Brickhead (headwear)
  • Weapon royale vouchers (10 maximum)
  • Copper prodigies badges 
  • Rogue cap (headwear)

In this article, we had mentioned every in-web event item that you will be able to purchase in the latest mystery shop event. Stay connected with us for more free fire max news.


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