FFWS 2023: How To Get Sports T-Shirt In Free Fire Max?

FFWS 2023: How To Get Sports T-Shirt In Free Fire Max?

Any tournament was not organised in our game for a long time, but ever since its latest update and the new launch news of Free Fire India, some banners of the first tournament have been introduced in our server. Although Indian players are not playing in this tournament, you can avail some benefits of this tournament. Let us talk about these benefits in this article and also tell you how you can take advantage of these benefits and get a Sports T-shirt in Free Fire Max.

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Free Fire Tournament 2023 : FFWS (Free Fire World Series)

FFWS 2023: How To Get Sports T-Shirt In Free Fire Max?

So today we want to talk to you about an activity event where you do not have to do anything but login every day. This activity has been kept on the basis of the Free Fire World Series because currently, this tournament is going on continuously in foreign countries. The final match of FFWS is soon approaching, due to which Free Fire developers are sharing some free items through such activities.

You will definitely be happy to know that the rewards you are getting through this activity are not ordinary rewards but sports T-shirts. Yes, you have read it right and you must know the craze of sports t-shirts in our games Free Fire and Free Fire Max. So on the organization of this tournament, we Indian server players are also having a chance to obtain some free rewards which you should not lose at any point. Through the guide given below, you can know what rewards you are getting a chance to earn and after that, we will tell you how and when to earn these rewards.

What Are The Rewards For Free Fire World Series (FFWS) 2023?

FFWS 2023: How To Get Sports T-Shirt In Free Fire Max?
  • Supply Crate
    • 500 Gold
    • Weapon Royale Voucher
    • 2X Sports T-Shirt Chest

How to Get FFWS 2023 Tournament Rewards In Free Fire?

  • So for this, first of all, you have to log in to the game
  • After logging into the game, you have to go to the events section
  • Here you have to go to the FFWS tab > Countdown To The Finals.
  • Here you will see that there is a new banner where some rewards have been placed and here you have to complete some tasks which are just logging into the game, apart from that you do not have to do anything else
  • Through the bulletin points given below, you can know which task you have to complete and for how many days you have to do it and what rewards you will get in return.
    • Login 1 Day To Get Supply Crate
    • Login 3 Day To Get 500 Gold
    • Login 5 Day To Get Weapon Royale Voucher
    • Login 7 Day To Get Sports T-Shirt Chest
    • Login 10 Day To Get Sports T-Shirt Chest

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So through this article, we have provided you with such information which can be very useful for you because there are some free rewards hidden in this information which are considered very rare if you are interested in red or yellow coloured football T-Shirts. If you get this T-Shirt for free then you will be considered as among the selected players to have those rare items. So go and follow our step-by-step guide and stand a chance to win these rare T-Shirts.


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