Diwali Carnival: The Grand Event In History Of Free Fire Max

Diwali Carnival: The Grand Event In History Of Free Fire Max

There has been multiple events that has appeared up to date in our games Free Fire and Free Fire Max, but among them, if you have felt any such event which was very exclusive and seems to be creating history, then you can tell it in the comment. But according to us till now such an event can be a Token Tower Event or Incubator Royale Event, today we are going to talk about such an event, in face to which, all other events are minor, so through this article you will get all the information about this event. Let’s begin now.

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New Event in Free Fire Max: The Diwali Carnival

Diwali Carnival: The Grand Event In History Of Free Fire Max

The Free Fire Department has never missed any opportunity to inject events & activities during India Festive Season and a festival like Diwali is so big that even by mistake, Free Fire Max Developers will not miss it. In such a situation, they have brought us an event which is very special and the items in this event are all such items which are very premium or legendary and some are such items that are included in the very rare category.

This event has come to our game Free Fire and Free Fire Max on November 10, 2023. If we talk about its last date then it will be 23rd November 2023. This event will be present in our Indian server for two weeks. This is a web event and for your information, we would like to tell you that in this web event, you will get many items using diamonds. You can get the items by getting involved in this web event through the step by step guide given below.

How to Participate In The Grand Diwali Event In Free Fire Max: The Diwali Carnival

Diwali Carnival: The Grand Event In History Of Free Fire Max
  • First of all you have to log in to the Free Fire game
  • Now you have to come to the events section and after coming to the Diwali tab, click on the block Diwali Carnival
  • Now a banner will appear in front of you, you have to tap on it, after which you will reach to a web event interface
  • Here you will see a different interface in which on the left side you will see five sections that are distributed among the prize categories
  • In the first division you will get to see bundles, in the second division you will get to see gun skins while in the third division you will get to see collections and in the fourth division you will get to see non-weapon like a grenade or gloo wall skins and finally you will get to see a division where you can get any of these items by spinning
  • Now you will see two options to spin below, you can start spinning using them
  • One spin will costs 100 diamonds and five spins will cost 500 diamonds
  • After 20 spins, a grand prize is guaranteed to you
  • This means that you will become eligible for a grand reward after spending 2000 diamonds.
  • So go and follow the step-by-step guide and apply it in your game so that you too can achieve these rewards

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Through this article, we have provided information about the latest update of Free Fire & Free Fire Max so far and this is such an update that all of you are going to love. We hope that you would have found the post useful. With the help of the given step-by-step guide, you would have got a helping hand to participate in this event. Stay with us to read such useful articles.


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