Carmine Ghost : New Event In Free Fire Max

Carmine Ghost : New Event In Free Fire Max

So friends, once again welcome to our new article today where we are going to give you the latest information related to Free Fire and Free Fire Max. So stay tuned to this entire article and we would like to request you to read this article from beginning to end so that you do not miss any detail.

In today’s article, we are going to cover the info about the latest update that has appeared in Free Fire and Free Fire Max, which is a new event. In this article, we will always give information about the event, whereas in the next article, we will give some important instructions related to the same event, through which you can get involved in this event. So let’s start this article without any delay.

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Carmine Ghost : New Event In Free Fire Max

Carmine Ghost : New Event In Free Fire Max

So the name of the event we are talking about is Carmine Ghost. This event has come today, that is, only a few hours have passed since this event was launched and this event has appeared in the Free Fire’s and Free Fire Max’s Indian servers on 8 October 2023. If we talk about its last date then it is 14 October 2023. This means that players must participate in the event before this date and obtain the item. So now let us share with you the details of the items present in this event.

Carmine Ghost : New Event In Free Fire Max

There is only a single item but it’s damn premium in looks. However it’s a gloo wall skin, but the art has been carried out fantastically. This event is a web event through which you can achieve this premium gloo wall skin namely The Carmine Ghost Wall. Now you have to just go through our next article where we have shared the complete instructions about the ways to obtain the same premium gloo wall skin – The Carmine Ghost Wall.

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Through this article, we have shared information about the latest updates in Free Fire and Free Offer Max, so stay with us if you also want to know about every update related to Free Fire and Free Farm One. Stay aware.


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