Beatz Groza Skins: Check Out The Next Free Fire Incubator Event

Check Out The Next Free Fire Incubator Event

Garena free fire is going to bring a new “Incubator” event into the game. Players are excited for this event So that they can obtain new Groza weapon skins in the game.

Through banners found in the game files, it is already possible to know which will be the next incubator to come in the free fire. The next incubator will be for the weapon “ Groza,” the new incubator will follow the theme of the main event of this update that is already taking place in the game, the global event called “ Beatz.”

The new incubator will be available in our region next Monday (07). However, the fixed date is not confirmed yet. It will bring four skins with the themes of each personification of Squad Beatz.

Check out all the skins of the new incubator and their respective names below:

New And Upcoming Groza Skin 1

New And Upcoming Groza Skin 2

New And Upcoming Groza Skin 3

On the same day, we will have a new incubator recharge event to bring a cat’s eye, evolution stone, an incubator project as a reward in the game. Garena has not yet informed the goals of the recharge event, but everything indicates that it will follow the pattern of all incubator recharge, So players have to spend 800 Diamonds to take all rewards.

Players will also be able to use the cat’s eye tokens to exchange for a new incubator project or an evolution stone.

About An Incubator In Free Fire

The Incubator is a mode within the Royale Menu where you can get excellent Skins. You have to pay 60 Diamonds for each attempt, or you can use 270 diamonds in 5 attempts to increase your chances of getting new items.

What do you think about this new upcoming incubator event in the free fire? Let us know in the comments.


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