Addictive Online Games for Android Users Which are Perfect for Passing Time Leisurely


In this modern day and age, people have a lot of free time and need things to get engaged in so they can use it more productively. You can play many games that would be the best use of your time and are pretty exciting and lucrative in most cases, considering they teach you something valuable.

Since 2019 online games have readily taken over the mobile market and people have become glued to their cell phones and other mobile devices. When COVID arrived, people had to focus all their attention on handheld devices, and Android became one of the best platforms to get all the games under one roof as an advanced form of online communication.

Here are some of the most excellent games you can play on your Android devices and kill your time in a more fun and exciting manner.

MPL Bubble Shooter Online

Like other bubble shooter games, MPL has created a bubble shooter online game that can counter the best in the market and give them a run for their money. In this classic game, you are provided with a cannon from which you have to shoot bubbles and make matches on top of the screen to make combos to get your scores higher in the game. With many rounds, this game is incredibly creative and draws you in to play for hours at a stretch without needing to relax or take a break.

The game is free of any glitches, and the controls are highly intuitive, giving your fingers fewer reasons to be fatigued. You can easily download this exciting bubble shooter online game from the play store for your Android device or get it from MPL’s official gaming website.

Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is a crazy game of strategy that has gained massive popularity since its launch. In this game, you are placed in an old Viking setup where you have to build castles, defenses, builder homes, and even walls to guard your little village in the game. There are two primary resources that you need to have in the game, which is elixir and gold. Once you harvest enough of these, you can level up and make your village and playing troops stronger and better. After getting strong enough troops, your job is to attack other villages of different online players and loot their resources by tactically demolishing their defenses. This game is highly addictive, and once you start playing, you will keep returning to it repeatedly to check on how your villagers are doing!

Alto’s Odyssey

Once you have tried Alto’s Odyssey, it is for sure that you will never uninstall the app again from your device. The visuals for this game are mind-blowing; Once you install it, you will find that you have played nothing that has made you so calm before in your life. As a player, you are given a character with whom you must ski down snowy mountains while jumping and moving through obstacles through the course. There is no end point in the game, and as long as you do not crash, the game continues endlessly.

By completing objectives at every level, you can add attributes to your character and improve their level of play. The higher you go in levels, the more characters with different styles could heavily improve your final scores and let you stay on a single run longer than you could do before.

Asphalt 9: Legends

Asphalt has been a long-time favourite game for people on their PCs, and their recent arrival in the Android market has made it possible for new fans to hop onto the crazy bandwagon. You get crazy cars when you install the game, and your only objective, like other racing games, is to master the car’s ergonomics and defeat other rivals in the game you come against online. The options for the cars in the game are a lot, and you will be instantly amazed by the fluid scenery and the inbuilt game’s graphics coupled with the fantastic controls the app has in store. You must have this racing game at all costs on your Android mobile.

Pokemon Go

If you’re a fan of Pokemon, then this game is something you have to play. Pokemon Go is a delight for the 90s kid and the present generation as it gets you the best of the anime in a more compact form.

In this game, you are the pokemon master, and you must catch as many Pokemon as you can and train and evolve them into much better forms so you can own gyms based on real-life locations. In this game, you have to walk while on a mission to get the Pokemons, so it is, in turn, a great fitness app too. The game is so addictive that it will force you to get up, move from your couch, and live your life as a pokemon master, roaming around your neighborhood alleys and peeking into the strangest places in search of your favorite Pokemon.

Final Thoughts

If you are bored with your everyday work and have plenty of time, you should focus on spending a reasonable amount of time on gaming apps, as they are essential in relieving you from your built-up stress due to daily office work. Even though they are essential, you should remember that you do not spend too much of your precious time here and do something productive while at it. Balance is key to life; we should play games and keep time for other essential activities.


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