New Upcoming Punch Skin In Free Fire Max: Dagger Punch With High Damage

New Upcoming Punch Skin In Free Fire Max

There are only a few fist skins in Garena free fire. That’s why Garena is going to launch a new fist skin in the game named dagger punch. Players mainly only use fists when they don’t have any weapons. Kla is a very famous character for increasing the fist’s power. Let’s see some updates and leaks about this dagger punch fist skin.

Dagger Punch With High Damage

Luck Royale Section

Luck Royale Section

Luck royale event is a famous event in the Free Fire max game. There are three different permanent events in the luck royale section: Diamond royale, Gold royale, and Weapon Royale. Weapon royale and diamond royale are the most worthwhile events. The rest of all events are time-limit events, which are only available to participate in for a limited period. 

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Dagger Punch

Dagger Punch

The name of the latest fist skin is Dagger Punch, and its tagline is “No man can escape.” This skin is specially designed for those players who like to kill enemies with the fist. Similarly, players who enjoy the factory’s rooftop fight can also use this fist skin. This upcoming fist skin is better than the other available fist skins in the game. 

Currently, this Punch skin is only available in Vietnam Free Fire Server. But, soon, we will also be able to see it in our luck royale section of the Indian FF server. This Punch skin is presented in the luck royale section, where players can quickly obtain it.

List of available rewards in the luck royale section:

  • Dagger Punch (Main Item)
  • Pet Food
  • Bonfire Playcard
  • The excutioner weapon loot crate
  • Angel & devil pack
  • Grenade Skin -N Beach Ball
  • Clu Box
  • Burning Flap Skyboard
  • Cube Fragments
  • Titanium Weapon Loot Crate

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