How To Get Free Gloo Wall Skins In Free Fire Max 2022

How To Get Free Gloo Wall Skins In Free Fire Max 2022

Gloo Walls skins are the most beautiful things in free fire max. Therefore, Garena has presented a new event in the event section, through which players can easily unlock new Gloo wall skins for free. The name of this event is watch & win – 3, and you can see the event under the themed event FF world series 2022.

Latest Watch & Win Event: FFWS Finals

About FFWS Event

About FFWS Event

Free Fire World Series is going on, and Garena wants to increase the live watching of the live stream of the FFWS tournaments. That’s why they are giving free Gloo wall skins, emotes, and diamond royale vouchers to players for joining the FFWS live stream.

There are three new events related to FFWS finals, watch and win, and each event has a different reward, which players can obtain from the event page. Event 1 has a character choice box and a diamond royale voucher. Event 2 has the FFWS dance emote and 3 Weapon royale vouchers, and the final event has three Gloo wall skins and a room card.

How To Get Free Gloo Wall Skins In Free Fire Max 2022

Free Gloo Wall Skins In Free Fire Max 2022

Follow the steps given below to get a free Gloo wall skin.

  • Open the free fire max and log in to your in-game account. 
  • You will see a calendar icon on the right corner of the main screen. Click on it, and select the second event page named FF world series 2022. 
  • Here, you will see a Watch & Win 3 tab. Select it. 
  • Now, click on the tick button near the Gloo wall skin and click on the claim to obtain the skin for free. 

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The three Gloo wall skins available in this event are Aurous Dragon, Dragon Seal, and ferocious Ink. All these Gloo wall skins are very attractive in terms of looks. In addition, the custom room card obtained from the event page can be used to create custom matches. 

What do you think about this latest free fire max event? Let us know in the comments.


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