Best Free Fire Tournament App To Earn Money (With Free Entry)

free fire tournament app to earn money
Best free fire tournament app to earn money

Hello guys, in this free fire-related post, we will review a free fire tournament application using which you can join tournaments for free (Without money). Also, we will discuss the list of the top 5 best free fire tournament applications to earn money.

Garena Free fire is one of the fastest-growing games in Esports tournaments. Free fire organizes tournaments and Esoport matches every alternate month where different famous guilds participate. This Free fire Esports tournament helps players to improve their gaming skills and allows them to earn real money.

Now the question arises how does an average or newbie player can take part in Esport games? In Esports, there are very pro players, and there is no chance of joining Esports matches as a newbie. So, instead of participating in Esports games, you can participate in regular free fire tournaments held by some third-party apps.

There are many applications available in the google play store for participating in these regular tournaments. Some applications are paid, and some of them are free.

Here we will discuss how to take free entry in paid tournaments apps using an online earning app. Also, we will share some best apps to make money by participating in free fire tournaments.

Best app to get free entry in free fire tournament apps

Best app to get free entry in free fire tournament apps
Free entry in free fire tournament apps

Before knowing about the free fire tournament application, let’s see how you can get free entry in paid tournaments. The majority of free fire tournament apps host paid matches, and the money they charge as an entry fee is distributed as a prize to the contest winners. However, you will find only a few applications that provide you with free entry in tournaments.

As most tournaments apps demand some money as entry fees to join their tournaments, It is necessary to share a trick to join their matches for free. So I will suggest a trick to play paid tournaments for absolutely free.

So, first of all, there is an application which you have to download from the google play store. This fantastic application will help you in earning some real money, and you can use that earned money as the entry fees of the paid tournaments apps and join their matches for free. The name of this app is Roz Dhan.

What is the ROZ DHAN, How to use it?

how to use roz dhan app to get free entry in free fire tournaments app
Rozdhan App

If you are searching for a way of earning online by doing simple tasks and playing games, then ROZ DHAN is the best application. ROZ DHAN is one of the most suggested and best online earning applications. This unique application is available for android users, and this application is available in languages like English, Marathi, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, and many more. In this application, you can earn real money by simply completing easy tasks such as downloading apps, using the application for some minutes, and many more. After making money, you can withdraw that money into your Paytm wallet.

You can also use, Refer and Earn feature to increase your earnings through this application. You just have to share your referral code with your friends and family members.

Whenever they install this application and use your referral code, you will get a fixed amount per person installation. ROZDHAN provides various ways of earning money, and you can choose which method fits best for you.

Now let’s see how we can download Rozdhan and earn through this fantastic application:

  • Open the google play store and search for the term ROZDHAN.
  • Now install the first application, which is shown in the search result.
  • After installation, open the application and fill the registration form
  • Then if you have any referral code, fill in the referral code. Otherwise, click on the register button.
  • Now, on the homepage of this app, you will find various amazing games and tasks. By completing these simple tasks and playing available games, you will be able to earn money.
  • You will earn Roz Dhan coins by playing games and completing tasks. After making thousands of coins, You can convert these coins into money.
  • After converting these coins, you will be able to withdraw money to your Paytm wallet.
  • The minimum withdrawal limit in the ROZDHAN application is 300rs. So it means if you have earned at least 300 rs, then only you can withdraw that money in your Paytm wallet.

Once you earn from this application, you can use this earned money to join Free Fire tournaments. After making money, you can follow the next steps to know how to use that earned money to join free fire matches.

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What is BattleZone app, How to use it?  

battlezone app
Battlezone app

If you are looking to upgrade your free fire gaming skills by playing some tournaments and, in return, want to earn money, then the Battle Zone ESports is the best application. Battlezone Esports is an ESports organizing application of various games. This application organizes various upcoming and ongoing tournaments of different games.

This application provides you with various games tournaments which you can join by paying entry fees, and this entry fee is distributed as a winning prize among the players. The main feature of Battle Zone ESports is that it organizes daily tournaments. You can also watch the highlights and live stream of ongoing games through the official youtube channel of this application.

When we talk about making money by playing favorite games, this application comes first. Also, the battel zone e-sports application is available in the google play store, which means this application is legit.

Step by steps process of free entry in tournaments using earned money of ROZDHAN app:

  • Download the Battel Zone E-sports app from here.
  • After installing, open the application.
  • A signup form will appear on your screen when you open the application. Fill in all the details like Email ID, Password, and mobile number.
  • After filling in all the details correctly, click on the confirm button. You will find various games tournaments on the homepage before choosing any match, go to my profile option, find my wallet option, click on that option.
  • Here you will find three options: ADD MONEY, REDEEM MONEY, AND TRANSACTION. You have to click on add money option, and you have to add money in this application that you had earned through the ROZDHAN application.
  • After adding money to your battel zone wallet, you can quickly join any free fire tournament. Just click on the tournament option to find the free fire. Now choose any match which fits you best.
  • After choosing the tournament, you have to add your free fire username, and you have to pay a specific amount that is mentioned.
  • After doing this process, you can easily play the tournament at the given specific date and time.

By following this easy process, you can easily play free fire paid tournaments for absolutely free. First, you have to use one application for earning money, and then you have to spend that earned money on the tournament application. You can make money and improve your gaming skills by playing in these tournaments.

Top 5 best free fire tournament applications to earn money

These are the best free fire tournaments to earn money and win big prizes:

Free fire tournament application name Download Link
EBattleVSClick here
Ultimate battleClick here
LetzGO Esports games Tournament PlatformClick here
RooterClick here
Game tvClick here

In all these tournaments apps, the entry fee is only 10 rupees, So if you kill a minimum of three enemies in a match, you can easily earn 20 rupees and recover your entry fees. It is easy to get three kills in the free fire, as there are 49 opponents in a match.

You Must Know About:

Conclusion –

In India, the craze of e-sports tournaments is increasing rapidly. Many players want to play tournaments to earn their pocket money. In this post, we had discussed how we could join paid tournaments for absolutely free just by using a simple trick. We had seen an application through which we can earn money, and through this money, we will get free entry in the paid tournament. Also, we had discussed the top 5 best and legit free fire tournament applications, which we can use for playing games and earning money. If you have any queries, feel free to comment down, we will definitely help you. If you want to get free unlimited diamonds in free fire, Then click here to access the free fire diamond generator. 


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